Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace, a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp. (NYSE: RTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers’ toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market and redefine aerospace.

The software developers at Target Information Systems have worked closely with Collins Aerospace to deliver a new contractor management system to ensure contractors are being managed efficiently and effectively on a daily basis and to gain overall visibility of their compliance requirements.

With a 250,000sqft site that typically received over 10 contractors per day, the company needed to update their current procedures – a manual process of managing contractors, questionnaires, returns of data and documents, as well as issuing permits to work via paper and inducting contractors on site arrival with a 45 minute presentation and question process – Current procedures were found to be time consuming and didn’t provide a clear audit trail of their contractor management activities, therefore Collins Aerospace needed a solution that saved their team time so they spent less time inducting and requesting documents from contractors but also to improve and drive overall contractor compliance on site.

Through an initial consultancy and planning day, the projects and development team considered all of Collins Aerospace requirements and the team at Target have been able to deliver their Gatehouse Contractor Management System to help the company collect, control and secure contractor access to their large site.

Needing to collect industry requirements from their Contractors before arriving on site, Gatehouse’s Contractor Onboarding Process has made it possible to automate their previous manual methods. Now all Contractors that have been placed through their MK denial process are added to the Gatehouse system so that all staff have the confidence that they are only using compliant contractors at all time and the correct data and required documentation is being collected and stored more efficiently, while providing the ability for contractors to upload documents and show there validity, ultimately saving a lot of time paper and email chasing on the behalf of Collins Aerospace.

Very quickly realising the benefits of getting contractors on site via the online prequalifying process, Gatehouse has also been able to integrate and implement their previous induction process into the new system. When booking a contractor to come on site, the contractor is now inducted via the Gatehouse system. Contractors can view Collins Aerospace’s induction presentation and continue to answer the induction questionnaire remotely and online prior to them arriving on site; removing bottle necks within reception and saving time for all those involved.

The company identified that with their current procedure it was unclear between Contractor Co-ordinators and Reception on which contractors were due on site or who their site host was; with the new installation of the Gatehouse system at Collins Aerospace, it is making it far easier to communicate with each other and get compliant contractors on and off the site. Gatehouse has enabled the Contractor Co-ordinators and Reception to work more collaboratively as bookings can be sent for approval to ensure full compliance, as well as notify reception that there are contractors or visitors arriving that day via email, using the systems alerts and escalations functionality.

Providing a more time efficient and cost effective process, the kiosk functionality within the Contractor Management System enables contractors to use the self-service tool to sign in on site, simply and easily. Through additional development Target have been able to bring Collin’s Aerospace Gatehouse System forward by providing and SMS update so booking information can be shared by text message not just email. Contractors or visitors that are booked to arrive on site can sign in with a QR code through the kiosk; the QR codes are sent through Gatehouse either via email or text message and then scanning the QR code the contractor or visitor is able to print their own badge and the system will then notify the host that they are in reception; the thorough alerts and escalation functionality and automated workflows within the Gatehouse system enables a smooth-running of operations to reduce what would have been time-consuming tasks.

Let’s collaborate and together we can contract management simple.