Posted on 23rd July 2017

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Software That Will Build a Company’s Safety Culture

Compliance around health and safety standards is an important aspect to a smooth-running business. If you haven’t got control of your employees and contractors on site, you really need to get a system that can help with that.

Business should be on top of their health and safety procedures to remain compliant with regulations; by staying on top, your business could be collecting large amounts of contractor, visitor and employee data from training records, insurance documents and method statements. Managing the data around health and safety procedures with an effective and efficient visitor management and contractor control system can help your organisation easily capture information, reduce risk, maintain compliance and evidence due diligence.

By using a visitor and contractor management system that has unprecedented levels of compliance and security, organisations will be able to work more efficiently and authorise and authenticate access to the business and ensure health and safety standards are being maintained throughout.

Organisations using our Verature visitor and contractor management system are reducing the time required to process and manage visitors, employees and contractors on site; saving time and money and freeing up resources to focus on the management of high risk contractors when they are on site.

An efficient and effective health and safety process will help your organisation improve how you control, manage, and ‘build up’ your procedures around compliance and health and safety; with an instant view of who is on site so you can identify risk, non-conformances and audit initiatives so you can always remain secure and compliant.

Verature visitor management and contractor control systems help your business with providing a company safety culture by; recording and managing individual and company data, audit results, insurance documents, health and safety questionnaires, induction information and more. A secure login for your visitors and contractors allows them to…

  • Deal with the compliance requirements beforehand; so any pre-qualifying questionnaires, health and safety questionnaires and RAMS can be uploaded against their contact profile.
  • Be inducted off-site before a visit to save time, with a link to an Induction video and video questionnaire.
  • Be notified of any non-conformances or expiring insurance documents that have been previously submitted.
  • Be easily signed in and out of premises as well as issued day passes and permits to work authorised by appropriate departments.

Businesses have a duty of care for their employees, visitors and contractors when they are on site, with that duty they have a wealth of data that needs managing to ensure a compliant safety culture. Digital innovations are providing a variety of solutions for businesses to drive real value and performance; Our Verature Visitor Management and Contractor Control system is providing new ways of handling and interacting with your visitors and contractors that arrive onto your premises. Communicating and building relationships with contractors, visitors and your internal staff has never been more convenient and easy.

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