Posted on 23rd September 2017

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Spur on Innovation to Reduce Time Wasting & Improve Contractor Compliance

Being able to manage who has access to your business should be at the top of your agenda, as well as employee safety. The health and well-being of employees, visitors and contractors should be a top priority where people are at the core of the businesses functionality.

A survey carried out by the National Safety Council highlights that 39% mentioned that management did only the minimum required by law to reign in employee safety. Health and safety within companies can sometimes take a back seat or often slow down work in a bid to deliver as both manage and employees may tend to ignore safety protocols.

The relaxed approach to health and safety shouts out the dire need for organisations to up their health and safety procedure for overall compliance. Contractor compliance is one of the biggest health and safety challenges that businesses are facing today. Whilst compliance costs may not be rising steeply, the penalties certainly are, as new sentencing guidelines get tougher.

So how can innovative software help reduce time wasting, improve your compliance and keep you on top of health and safety regulations?

Developments in innovative software is making it possible to simplify the way you manage contractor compliance and health and safety. With a few simple clicks, you can spur on your business to ensure health and safety is the number one priority to ensure you always remain compliant.

Innovative software like the Verature: Visitor Management and Contractor Control System, is allowing businesses to capture information, reduce risk, maintain compliance and evidence due diligence.

Helping organisations to manage visitors and contracts, Verature enables the business to put its focus on reducing the risk of accident on site while increasing health and safety compliance before, during and after a visitor arrives on site; with automated induction videos, health and safety questionnaires – the system enables contractors and visitors take ownership of their administration so the company spends less time chasing and ensuring no one is allowed on site without them going through safety procedures.

An automated information management system can help you ensure all the necessary documents and information have been summited and qualified before a contractor does any work or a visitor comes onto site.

The system would automatically chase, collect and store the necessary and qualifying documents quickly and easily to save you valuable man hours and focus making more informed decisions on whether to either reject or accept and review a contractor for work with automatic reminders and alerts to ensure everything is compliant with legal obligations.

It’s a modern twist on a traditional feature, Verature is providing the most efficient, cost effective and convenient way of monitoring your site, so using it is a whole new experience and one that is more personal than ever; ensuring nothing gets missed with alerts to expired documents and any contractors with high risk work permits to action on-job audits. The innovative system records and reports on a variety of operation data to help you comply with all your legal obligations and gain the security you desire.

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