Posted on 23rd September 2018

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Helping Manage Contractors Through the HSE Guide

Contractor Compliance: Tracking and recording to reduce risk

The largest Health & Safety fine in 2017 was £3.8million; an increasing culture of cutting corners is exposing workers to serious risks and contractor compliance is still one the biggest health and safety challenges that businesses are facing today.

Health and Safety Executive have published five steps for managing contractors safely, (skip to page 9)

  • Step 1: Planning
  • Step 2: Choosing a Contractor
  • Step 3: Contractors Working on Site
  • Step 4: Keeping a Check
  • Step 5: Reviewing the Work

An innovative contractor management system can help your organisation by providing a straight forward approach to contractor compliance to ensure you can capture information, reduce risk, maintain compliance and evidence due diligence to the Health and Safety Executive procedures.

Organisation are being forced with more and more compliance requirements to reduce health and safety risks which is causing disruption and challenges with their existing data management systems and processes; we’ve been developing our Verature Contractor Management System to offer an instant level of control and visibility that simply isn’t available in other systems.

Take a look at our quick system summary of how Verature is providing the most efficient, cost effective and convenient way of monitoring access to your site:

Developed with a large manufacturing plant in EMEA, the database deals with; H&S Questionnaires, Insurances, Expiries & Renewals, Risk Assessments, Method Statement, Tracking of Permits to Work… helping save lots of time and paper chasing.

The first stage of the system is Veratures’s Supplier Onboarding Process; an automated information management and reporting module that fits neatly into Veratures’s compliance functionality. Providing you a clear view on your contracted suppliers and enabling you to easily send their own user login so they can provide additional information, documents and your PQQ’s to save you valuable man hours.

By implementing a system which can help manage, record and automate the information you hold for your contractor and health and safety requirements, it will enforce competency and compliance with the contractors you employ and have coming on to your site. Automating gathered information can enable organisation to efficiently and effectively manage inductions, accreditations and insurance documents to ensure safety and reduce risks; before, during and after the contractor arrives on site.

This level of information management and tracking of contractor and health and safety compliance ensures corners are not cut, and health and safety is taken seriously throughout the business.

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