Posted on 23rd November 2018

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Efficient, Effective and Compliant Contractor Management

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s time to review your safety practices and ensure your company’s compliance is above and beyond the standard set.

Contractor compliance is one of the biggest health and safety challenges that businesses face today. Whilst compliance costs may not be rising steeply, the penalties certainly are, as new sentencing guidelines get tougher.

So how can you ensure you remain compliant and your contractors comply with health and safety requirements, while documents are kept secure and up to date?

We’ve been working closely with a large, local manufacturing company, we have developed a visitor management and contractor compliance system to provide data automation, alerts with an escalation process, automated work plans, a compliant booking-in process and document storage.

Enabling your business and compliance team with instant control, compliance and security over your contractors, the Verature system is providing the most efficient, cost effective and convenient way of monitoring access to your site.

Take a look at our quick system summary of how Verature:

Verature Contractor Management Systems features a H&S Dashboard, where pie charts provide quick visibility on health and safety activities and what needs doing next. You will be able to which contractors will be turned away from site for not providing their health and safety documentation to remain compliant with your procedures.

Enabling you to create and manage Bookings, Verature enables yours team to look at the visitors and contractors booked on site for today and seeing bookings for each day, as well as profiles for each visitor and contractor to ensure if they have been approved for their visit.

Creating a secure repository for all your contacts, Verature provides a database to see all your contractors, visitors and company profiles in one place. You can select a contact or company and find their insurance documents, pre-qualifying questionnaires, training records and when they were last on site.

With a built-in alert and escalation process, the system keeps on top of your contractor documents by providing notifications and an automated internal process for expiring compliance record so you and your team spend no time chasing for renewals; we’ve made it possible for contractors to login so they have the responsibility to upload any required documents you need.

Verature Contractor Management systems provides your team with a live view of who is on site with it’s built-in and automated Fire Register. With the ability to manage it online with any compatible smart phone device, making you be accountable in case of an evacuation.

Capturing information, reducing risk, maintaining compliance & evidencing due diligence is a large task to manage. But now there’s a revolutionary new way of dealing with it, with Verature.

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