Posted on 23rd March 2020

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Handling COVID-19: Homeworking, Lone working and Contractor Compliance.

COVID-19 is increasingly and unavoidably at the top of everyone’s minds. It’s certainly at the top of ours. Having good health and safety working practices in place delivers many business benefits and can create a positive environment in which employees and contractors don’t just survive, but thrive.

We understand that in the past HSE inspectors have visited sites across Great Britain to see if businesses have measures in place to protect their workers’ lungs from the likes of asbestos, silica and wood dust; BUT specifically looking for evidence of workers knowing the risk, planning their work and using the right controls. With that in mind do you need an efficient way of managing health and safety and compliance around Coronavirus?

We have gone from an in-office company to a 100% remote company, and most importantly for our clients there will be no interruptions to service, and we are fully committed to supporting businesses by continuing to deliver responsive support during this time of uncertainty.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, our Verature: A Visitor Management & Contractor Control System can enable your organisation to continue safely with, Homeworking access, Lone working options, and Contractor compliance approvals process.

  • Contractor Compliance: You and your team will have the ability to only approve visits with an approved coronavirus questionnaire. The development to the contractor compliance process enables you and your team to pre-vet for the coronavirus before your visitors or contractors arrive anywhere near your site and near your staff. From the Verature system an induction questionnaire can be sent to your chosen visitors and contractors to be checked, based on the answers provided, the questionnaire will expire every 7 days and will be re-sent to ensure the health and safety of others of site.
  • Lone Working: Track Lone Worker situations, with a full escalation process. The Verature System is enabling Lone Workers to log out remotely and if they have not signed off site, a text and email will be issued to an emergency contact to escalate a healthy and safety check on the Worker.
  • Homeworking: Our Verature systems are cloud-based solutions, enabling you and your team to work remotely and still have 24/7, 365 days access to all the information and database so you can continue to manage your contractors and visitors.

Developed with a large manufacturing plant in EMEA, the database deals with; H&S Questionnaires, Insurances, Expiries & Renewals, Risk Assessments, Method Statement, Tracking of Permits to Work… helping save lots of time and paper chasing. Manage inductions, questionnaires, badges, training records and credentials for your contractors all in one place to see at a glance if your contractors are complying to your health and safety regulations.

This level of information management and tracking of contractor and health and safety compliance ensures corners are not cut, and health and safety is taken seriously throughout the business. Alan Theaker, Health & Safety Manager said: “Our return on investment time was a few months and more importantly my team and I can sleep well at night.”

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, your business can move towards a productive future and improve your contractor management and compliance with innovative software to seriously contribute to your savings in time, money and employee safety!

Can we help you and your team move towards a safer and compliant future? Would a fully electronic permits to work module, allowing the issuing, acceptance and return all achieved digitally be useful? We’re currently offering free, no-obligation walk throughs of the Verature system over webinar if you’d be interested to see more! click here to schedule a suitable time.

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