Posted on 23rd July 2020

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Getting Ahead With Track & Trace Processes

With restrictions being lifted and we continue to find ‘the new normal’; Track and Trace is going to be a huge part of our lives now and it will become crucial to employers as you continue to protect your team, visitors and contractors.

Implementing track and trace processes helps trace close recent contacts of anyone who tests positive for coronavirus and, if necessary, notifies them that they must self-isolate at home to help stop the spread of the virus.

All public places now have responsibility to collect visitor data, due to
Have you reviewed how you will manage contact data? Does your workplace typically have frequent visitors and contractors? Do you find this difficult to manage?

To help you get ahead, we’ve developed our Verature Contractor Management Systems to help you manage track and trace compliance going forward.

  • Our slick booking in functionality of the system will help you simply manage your employees, customers and visitors contact details in one automated platform, if a case of Covid is reported. The booking in system ensures mandatory contact information is collected before entrance and even before arrival - Moving to a paperless system can also limit the hand to hand contact that comes with usual paper booking in processes.
  • Verature also enables you and your team to have the ability to only approve visits with an approved coronavirus questionnaire. The development to the contractor compliance process enables you and your team to pre-vet for the coronavirus before your visitors or contractors arrive anywhere near your site and near your staff. From the Verature system an induction questionnaire can be sent to your chosen visitors and contractors to be checked, based on the answers provided, the questionnaire will expire every 7 days and will be re-sent to ensure the health and safety of others on site.

Sometimes you can’t prevent an accident, but you can demonstrate your due diligence. Developed with various organisations, such as Goodwood, The Wellcome Trust and Ornua Foods, Verature systems provide a safe system of work while keeping your business in mind, to help:

  • Mitigate corporate reputational damage through HS&E breaches.
  • Mitigate individual and corporate prosecution through HS&E breaches.
  • Avoid large HSE fines and prosecutions
  • All inputs to be auditable to ensure compliance is proven.
  • Manage H&S Questionnaires, Insurances, Expiries & Renewals,
  • Implement Contractor Inductions with Induction and Assessment on-site or off-site
  • Collect and store Risk Assessments, Method Statements & Other job credentials (IPAF, FGAS, etc.)
  • Track Permits to Work

Verature is enabling efficient Track and Trace processes, along with many other useful functionality. We’ve found Verature’s Kiosk Module offer, enabling a paperless signing-in process, and the PQQ/ Health and Safety Vetting process prior to a visitor/contractor arriving on site, has been crucial for our clients that have remained open during this crises; and indeed, for those performing their risk assessments as to how they will manage social distancing in their reception/entry points, demonstrate due diligence and compliance in respect to who they’re allowing on to site, communicating expectations for behaviour whilst on site.

Are you looking for a visitor management and contractor control system to help the business gain control, visibility, compliance and savings? We’re currently offering free, no-obligation walk throughs of the Verature system over webinar if you’d be interested to see more! click here to schedule a suitable time.

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