A collaborative system for your business.

It’s a innovative twist on a traditional process, Verature is providing the most efficient, cost effective and convenient way of monitoring your site, so using it is a whole new experience and one that is more personal than ever.

Being more productive. Being more efficient.

Compliance around health and safety standards is an important aspect to a smooth-running business.

That’s why we created Verature.

Verature systems are created with the user and business needs in mind. Offering to support you and your teams as regulations change to ensure you can safeguard the workplace and achieve 100% compliance audit with a simple and easy to use system.

Taking on your business challenges, helping automate your workflows and meeting your additional needs and requirements, Verature can be developed to help you implement future changes in your compliance management processes.

3 Kiosk Mode

Automate how visitors and contractors sign in or out of site with 3 different kiosk modes. Choose between a quick and click sign in and out procedure or scan your badge via unique QR code to sign in and out or search your name to sign in and out. All providing the security you need when you’re not there to manage it.


As part of the ability to book on visitors and contracts, keep a log of vehicles on your site to also be included in your site fire register.


See at a glance, a centralised resource for visibility of when lines are down for scheduled maintenance. Give your team the opportunity to do work to increase efficiency and productivity and instantly book the relevant supplier for the work.

Shift Handover

Update security information in real time and automate email
notifications and reduce time spent compiling data from multiple sources. 

Event & Contractor

Update information and automate email notifications to reduce time spent compiling data from multiple sources to have an overall view of any event projects to enable you and your team to review compliance of contractors and insurances.

Core & Specific Induction Videos

Simplify and ensure all contractors go through the same induction process and include any additional inductions that are specific to various sites to ensure health and safety standards are being maintained throughout.

Automated Workflows

Our Process Consultants will learn all about your business workflows and potential users – this will be mirrored in the configuration so your Verature system instinctively automates your business workflows, required data and reporting and communications.

Enable Compliance

Visitor management and contractor control software to authorise, authenticate and secure compliance. With a few simple clicks, an organisation can capture information, reduce risk, maintain
compliance and evidence due diligence.

Implement Safeguarding

Verature issues contractors and visitor with custom built H&S videos and questionnaires, stores certificates and renewal dates, providing quick-look dashboards and alerts in order to proactively control every eventuality on your behalf.

“We were going through a Business Transformation Project and were looking for an innovative system that could meet the requirements of our multiple departments and varied events.

Going out to market, Verature was the first system we saw; we liked the simplicity of the system and the ease with which things could be changed and developed to meet our needs.”

The Vertaure system is providing Goodwood with an efficient, cost effective and user-friendly method that enables the team to easily share information across departments and the business, as well as have clear visibility over their events, contractors and compliance.


Let’s collaborate and together we can make contractor compliance simple.