Automate your workflows so nothing gets missed.

Keep on top of your contractor management procedures with automated functionality to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes and can ensure a safe work environment.

Complete visibility of site activities.

Verature enables you to see a complete picture of your compliance management activities so you can relax knowing key information is being managed in the most efficient, cost effective and compliant way.

The system enables you to easily chase, collect and store the necessary and qualifying documents automatically. Configured to your workflows and procedures, the system can notify contractors to view your organisations induction video and complete the induction questionnaire before dealing with any pre-qualifying documentation.

Improving contractor compliance and job audits more effectively means organisations have everything they need to know about their workers and employees as well as being able to evidence due diligence.

Visitor Database

Save time by viewing at a glance, which visitors are approved for site access with online profiles.

Manage compliance through good Internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


Enable collaborative working with a centralised register of your Contractors. Store and manage all your contractor’s data and save time by instantly seeing which contractors are delivering to each service.

A quality Customer Relationship Management tool that provides you with a register of audit-able activities for compliance.

Visitor & Contractor Booking

Bring known visitors to site securely. Your staff can book visitors online reducing management time and by viewing at a glance, you can see who’s on site today.

Diary Management Dashboard

Enjoy a smarter way to look at your day. At a glance, see a live dashboard of visitors on and off site, and have clear visibility of who is on site and who they are visiting.

Site Fire

Significantly improve productivity and accountability. Online and indestructible, a centralised fire register helps you to effectively be ready for any situation.

Supplier Onboarding Process

Work collaboratively and in sync by sending contracted suppliers their own user login so they can see the contracts you have in place with them, and provide additional information and documents to save you valuable man hours.

Alerts &

Don’t miss a thing in your business; have Verature alert you or a colleague or your contractor to compliance expiries.

Send email or SMS messages to alert and notify your team to matters requiring urgent attention.

Automated Health & Safety Questionnaires

Gain compliance for audit and governance purposes.

Automate requests for relevant and valid health and safety information, and save time when booking visitors and contractors onto site.

Automated & Remotely Viewed Inductions

Easily distribute pre-qualifying induction videos and questionnaires.

Benefit from remote inductions with verification questions which can only be answered with attention to the video content.

Digital Dashboards & Visit Reporting

Enjoy a smarter way to look at data. See instantly real-time information on your contractor management process, with data visuals on a digital dashboard to see what needs doing next.

With a simple click of a button, gain a report on site visits between any time period.

& Permits

Create passes and permits to work with the booking in system or manually scan and upload all permits to a fully compliant and traceable system, to keep track and flag returned items.

User Permissions
& Hierarchy

Control your users. Set user role permissions and hierarchy to specify what tasks users can perform and what information users can access.


Visitor management and contractor control software to authorise, authenticate and secure compliance. With a few simple clicks, an organisation can capture information, reduce risk, maintain
compliance and evidence due diligence.


Verature issues contractors and visitor with custom built H&S videos and questionnaires, stores certificates and renewal dates, providing quick-look dashboards and alerts in order to proactively control every eventuality on your behalf.

Develop Progressive Actions

Compliant contractor and visitor information management with exceptional visibility and detailed reporting. Verature is a flexible software solution which mirrors and grows alongside your organisation to support and automate your workplace processes.

Three Kiosk Mode Variations

Automate how visitors and contractors sign in or out of site with 3 different kiosk modes.

Choose between a quick and click sign in and out procedure or scan your badge via unique QR code to sign in and out or search your name to sign in and out. All providing the security you need when you’re not there to manage it.

Let us help you to manage your contractors efficiently, effectively and compliantly.