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“My team have been very impressed with the level of support and professionalism shown by the development team at Verature. The Verature system is enabling us to finally gain the visibility and control we needed to implement to move forward with our contractor management processes.”

Robert Kilpatrick, Assistant Director of Estates Development and Operations, University of Strathclyde

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How the University of Strathclyde brought in automation during COVID-19 to manage contractor compliance across their campus sites…

Glasgow’s second-oldest university, and Scotland’s third-largest university, the University of Strathclyde needed a simple way to ensure compliance and security, as contractors came on and off their campus sites.

Before Verature…

With Verature…

Struggling to manage their contractors and their sub-contractors that are signing on and off-site the University of Strathclyde used manual processes with little visibility of contractor compliance.

A new system to innovatively manage contractors and sub-contractors and instant visibility over their various campus sites with a complete contractor compliance process.

Costly and time-consuming task of chasing and manually compiling information around key contractors. An automated and streamlined collection of contractor data, reducing costs owing to the elimination of manual errors and ensuring active contractor compliance checks.
Internally searching and manually chasing teams and departments to find information about contractors coming onto campus sites. A central system for department to easily search data saved within the system. Saving time by eliminating inefficient manual searches for information relating to key contractors and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the team.
Struggling to evidence that ensures contractors are complying with corporate health and safety policies. A simple and easy contractor database with profiles, instantly seeing valid pre-qualification assessments to ensure on the best contractors and subcontractors are on campus.
Ensuring contractors are signing in and out of sites via reception desks. Can automate questionnaire and document requests using Verature and contractors can instantly upload their own insurance documents, training records, risk assessments, method statements etc., in any format, while having the ability to version documents and set review and expiry dates to maintain 100% compliance.
Contractors are manually sent out a questionnaire to then be completed and sent back to Procurement and Operations Team via a back-and-forth email exchange. Instantly see real-time information on their contractor management process, with data visuals on a digital health and safety dashboard to see what needs doing next, and what is expiring and needs attention.
Cannot easily search information and don’t have the visibility of expiry dates of documents such as insurances and questionnaires. Automates how visitors and contractors sign in or out of site with the options of 3 different kiosk modes and pass tracking, which all provide the perfect solution for ongoing security.

Automation is what the University of Strathclyde ultimately wanted, and Verature delivered much more, with an innovative and streamlined system helping improve contractor compliance across campus.

The University of Strathclyde is a public research university; it is Glasgow’s second-oldest university, and it is Scotland’s third-largest university by the number of students, with students and staff from over 100 countries. The University of Strathclyde was the UK’s first technological university reflecting its history, teaching and research in technological education.

The team at Verature have worked with the University of Strathclyde to deliver a new system to innovatively manage contractors and their sub-contractors that are signing on and off-site; to gain overall visibility on their various campus sites and have complete compliance during the contractor onboarding process.

Using manual processes for contractor management the Estates Development and Operations Team understood there was a need to improve their manual processes and the way contractors were booked onsite and signed out of their campus sites. To ensure compliance and security, the University needed a more efficient and effective process to reduce any health and safety risks while ensuring contractors were onboarding successfully with the correct requirements and documentation in place.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the development team at Verature deployed and configured their Verature Contractor Management System to help with compliance, health and safety, and security regulations by managing the contractor onboarding process and capturing information when contractors and visitors arrive on campus sites. The Verature system at the University of Strathclyde is providing the most efficient, cost-effective and convenient way of monitoring their contractors and project bookings; by productively managing the onboarding and induction process to authorise contractors, and their sub-contractors by recording, and reporting important information and documentation.

The contractor onboarding process and maintenance bookings within the Verature Contractor Management System have been developed with the University so that the supplier can input their own contractors’, and any sub-contractors’ details against the work activity, without the need for a separate supplier login stage. The process has been developed to ensure all compliance requirements have been met in advance of the visit, enabling the team at Strathclyde to focus on the approvals and take this once manual process, to become more streamlined and aligned to ultimately save the Estates Development and Operations Department time chasing contractors for information.

With further development to the Verature system, the University now has a streamlined induction process with a standard and automated online assessment process, requiring minimal input from University of Strathclyde staff until the arrival of contractors on-site, as well as having the ability to run reports of contractor status with a clear dashboard providing live information for users.

“The Verature system has been really well received with our team and our contractors; it’s clean and user friendly. We now have complete control over our contractors. The ability to give our contractors the responsibility of their own documents is making it far much easier to enable us to put our focus on approvals so we can continue to remain compliant, while the contractors remain accountable.”

Photo of Robert Kilpatrick Robert Kilpatrick Assistant Director of Estates Development and Operations

“Verature is providing the team and the University with some great compliance benefits and something that we always needed – automation. We were previously following all our contractor management processes individually but needed a single point of information for audit purposes. The uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic also accelerated our need for automation and one central system as there was then the need that everything is cloud-based, especially the induction process. Verature has been absolutely brilliant to enable us to streamline and align our processes and continue working collaboratively with our contractors.”

Barrie Duncan Works Manager
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