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87.5% of clients agreed that Verature's automation of reminders and alerts and real-time visual dashboards helped maintain contractor compliance during the COVID-19 crisis

Struggling to keep track of your key contractors, and maintain their compliance requirements?

Remove the chase and maintain compliance with efficient and continuous contractor assurance.

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Playing a game of chase with your key contractors is letting you fall into a time and money pit.

Help contractors help themselves with Verature so you can save time and money and start working alongside and collaboratively with your contractors as you continue to track their compliance.

Chasing your contractors for information.

Using Verature to track your key contractors.

Arduous task of chasing and manually compiling information Automates and streamlines the collection of contractors data and ensures active contractor compliance checks.
Time-consuming internal searching to find information about contractors coming onto your site. Easily search saved information relating to your contractors, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your team.
Paper filing, multiple spreadsheets, and separate access routes for information. Manages all your key contractor data in one central location to bring data and information together simply and easily in one system.
Lack of evidence to ensure contractors are complying with corporate health and safety policies. A simple and easy contractor database with profiles, instantly seeing valid pre-qualification assessments to ensure you have the best contractors on site.
Manually keeping track and monitoring contractor data. Automates the review process of monitoring of all contractor data, with accept and reject built-in compliance process.
Schedule and ensure induction material have been sent and read, or timely on-site manual inductions. Enabling inductions to be completed remotely, easily share any pre-qualifying videos and assessments, and check completion with Verature’s pass or fail process.
Chase colleague approvals to maintain internal processes. Teams can see real-time information on digital dashboards to see what needs doing next, and work through simple accept and reject processes.
Review contractor documentation to ensure they are valid and in date. Enabling contractors to upload their own documents and credentials, while Verature track expiry dates and chases them with automated renewal reminders.
Manually making and managing passes and permits. Track your permits and passes in a fully compliant and traceable system, helping you to keep track and flag returned items. OR take our electronic permits module for a fully digitalised and paperless process!
Ensuring contractors are signing in and out of sites via reception desks. Automate how visitors and contractors sign in or out of site with three different kiosk modes. All providing the security you need when you’re not there to manage it.

When you need to keep track of your key contractors, and maintain their compliance, relax, knowing Verature will do the chasing for you.

We know a lot can happen in a day. If you haven’t got control of who comes on site, or even if you have, but can’t quickly put your finger on evidence and audit – a cloud-based system can help with that,  ensuring you stay compliant 24/7 all year round and that business can run smoothly.

Verature can help significantly, and quickly, by dealing with: health and safety questionnaires, insurances, expiries and renewals, risk assessments, method statements, and the tracking of permits to work; helping you keep track of key contractors and saving time and the paper chasing.

When you need to reduce admin time you turn to Verature.

Compliance is made easy with Verature helping you automate the process of contractors answering your health and safety requirements. Send your questionnaire, get contractors to upload documents and proof, and accept and reject responses, collaborating with your team and contractors within the system. Do not miss a thing with Verature’s automated renewal reminder alerts to contractors, so documents with expiries are maintained.


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verature questionnaire

When you need to free up your team you turn to Verature.

Simplify and ensure all contractors go through the same induction process. Easily share induction material pre-arrival with your contractors, workers, and sub-contractors. Verature sends access to your remote induction material and makes sure the contractor acknowledges they’ve understood. A pre-qualifying assessment and a required pass rate helps you double check understanding before their expected visit!

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induction and assessment screen

When you need to focus on what counts you turn to Verature.

Free up your time with Verature’s Contractor Assurance Portal. Your contractors are responsible for uploading and submitting for approval their required company credentials and documentation and maintaining their assurance record; so, you’ve always a pool of approved contractors to assign jobs to!


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example projects dashboard

“The Verature system is enabling us to work collaboratively with our contractors and ensure compliance standards. The workflows are excellent and the system itself is self-explanatory; it is working exactly how we envisaged, and we can’t wait to roll it out around the Estate.”

Di Hudson, Group Head of IT, Goodwood Group Read full case study

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