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94.1% of clients said Verature was helping to ease bottlenecks and queues that would inevitably build up at access points and 100% said without it, managing Contractors and Visitors would be less efficient

Frustrated with bottlenecks at reception and the need to manage contractor requirements across multiple locations?

Be in more than one place at one time with Verature’s remote and self-serving tools.

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Multiple projects, multiple locations, and multiple contractors means multiples of hard work.

Pulling all your information into one place, Verature is helping you gain complete 360 visibility of your compliance management activities and ensure contractors arrive safe, work safe and stay safe across your multiple locations.

Slow and scattered reporting.

Using Verature’s instant 360 visibility.

Multiple files and folders in multiple locations to view contractor details.They lack efficient control and security. Collaboratively work with your team and multiple sites by storing and managing all your contractor’s data in one centralised place to see information on your compliant contractors.
Manual, GDPR-risky, diary keeping managing visitors coming onto site. A diary management dashboard, you can enjoy a smarter way to look at your day that is GDPR compliant and permission based.
Manually managing multiple project management documents while compiling all information on contractors and potential sub-contractors. Project/ Jobs dashboards provide a drilled-down look on job requirements, and all required workers and sub-contractors, so you know exactly who is expected and approved to attend site.
Manual site inductions are inconsistent, unreliable, and difficult to audit. Simplify and have confidence that all contractors go through your standard company induction process to ensure health and safety standards are being maintained throughout.
You are accountable for the health and safety of your staff and contractors that are currently working across your site, yet you are working with out-of-date and unreliable data. Significantly improve productivity and accountability. Online and indestructible, a centralised, Live fire register helps you be ready for any situation.
You need to manage and track the permits, passes and issuables given to contractors as they arrive on site. Keep track on all issued permits and passes. Plus, Verature’s permit mapping helps you visualise where high risk works are taking place on your sites – helping you to avoid clashes.
Your contractors need to access multiple areas of your large site, and you need to manage their access and compliance for those areas. Contractors can sign-in to multiple access points with our Reverse Kiosk, quick scan of QR codes ensures accessing multiple locations on site is simple and easy, and importantly visible to you and your team.
You need to demonstrate due diligence for the health and safety of staff and contractors that may be working alone. Our lone working tools is enabling Lone Workers to log out remotely and if they have not signed off site, a text and email will be issued to an emergency contact to escalate a healthy and safety check on the Worker.
You need to compile information on number of visits and manually build the report. With Verature you can easily look back and query historical visits. At the click of a button, you can quickly analyse your visit reports.
You need to manually manage and audit the report for any permits provided at multiple sites. Historic query and exportable reporting of any permits, passes and issuables that were issued at site.

When you need to be all-knowing you turn to Verature.

Relying on shared spreadsheet or paper solutions just won’t work for an agile, remote or hybrid working team that needs to make informed, quick and safe decisions.

Verature can help you make informed calls based on clear visual reporting and instant 360 views on your data and what’s happening at site. Saving your team a headache, and saving the business from costly mistakes.

When you need to give your team a helping hand you turn to Verature.

Share compliance responsibilities, easily. Multi-location and multi-site access with standardised compliance means you can share access to your Verature system across locations and sites, providing standardised and centralised contractor compliance to each. Helping a centralised team manage jobs across multiple locations to be in more than one place at one time.


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When you need more reports, you turn to Verature.

Get control of all visits and jobs. Verature’s individual Project and Job Dashboarding and a Live Project Search provide clear and easy-to-read status on each job and who is coming on to the site, when and where. Track important activities across all locations.

Verature’s permits and passes tracking and reporting enable you to keep track of where who and by whom items were issued on any date. Upgrade to permit mapping to enhance your visibility.

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When you need answers quickly and ahead of time you turn to Verature.

Visibility is one click away. “On-site Now” Reporting enables you to instantly see who is on-site across your multiple locations and sites while a Live Project Dashboard and Permits Required Report lets you know ahead of time who is due on site and what permits are required for issue.

Never lose touch with Verature’s Site Fire Register providing a digital fire register, accessible on any internet-accessible device, with contact information to quickly perform your safety checks.

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“The system has been a huge success. The Verature kiosk check-in functionality has worked really well in our reception areas, providing a smooth contractor check-in and induction process. It’s reporting capability provides increased visibility with live information on all bookings, and control of all contractor visits across our multiple sites, ensuring contractors are working safely, with all work and visits approved and recorded.”

Mark Goff, Estates Business Manager, Falmouth Exeter Universities Read full case study

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