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“Verature has significantly helped us improve how we manage our Contractors coming on to site and improve overall productivity of the team."

Contractor management software you can rely on.

Arrive Safe, Work Safe and 
Stay Safe. Find out why Verature is the best system for protecting your contractors and your reputation.

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Using up valuable time and resource on manually following-up on requested contractor information?
Is keeping on top of your contractor documentation becoming a full-time job?
Don’t have time to do the safety checks and audits?

A straightforward and easy-to-use system.

Verature is automating your time-consuming contractor management processes with a straightforward, easy-to-use system to protect your contractors and your reputation across your multiple locations.

Contractor safety and compliance is in every stage of Verature.

Failing to standardise means less visibility and compliance, and more human error. Verature can help you remain compliant, working from remote locations and across multiple sites. Delivering your health and safety questionnaire,  managing contractor and sub-contractor competencies and RAMS on jobs & projects, sharing Induction and Assessment, recording Check-Ins and issuing digital permit, Verature helps save time and paper-chasing!

Want to learn more about the 8 stages of Verature?

Download our guide on how Verature works, and understand how all our key elements can help you deliver a streamlined, safe and compliant contractor management process.


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Varied package options to suit your needs.

Find out that no matter what package you choose, you’ll be getting the best features you need for you and your team so you can achieve continuous contractor compliance. Start with compliant contractors and simple and easy-to-use automation.

Start with compliant contractors and simple and easy-to-use automation.

Build a database of your approved contractors with Verature’s inbuilt questionnaire and approvals process. Collect company details, insurances, documents, and policies, stored safely against a contractor profile – more importantly, you don’t need to remind them. With automated reminders, the contractor is responsible for securely uploading their documents, and maintaining their compliance.

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Add job credentials and assessments and keep compliance moving.

Add an induction and assessment process, book jobs, manage workers and review job credentials and progress on a job digital dashboard. Ensuring contractors are approved and workers are pre-vetted and inducted before arrival, including an assessment and digital signature & acknowledgement to safeguard your site. Instant visibility over site activities with a Job Calendar dashboard and “On-site Now” reporting, for continuous compliance and audit.

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Take compliance further with advanced alerts and escalations, and multi-site reporting.

360 contractor compliance plus managing sub-contractors, house contractors and staff clock in through a reception-less sign-in. Our virtual Self-Service Mobile Check-In via location QR codes and digital badges means no need for expensive hardware and paper waste! With more alerts and escalations, configurable user permissions, lone-worker process, SMS alerts and enhanced company branding, Verature feels more like an internal system across multiple sites.

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“Verature is a great system that is very intuitive, dynamic, and user-friendly. The system’s reporting capability provides increased visibility and control of all contractor visits across our multiple sites, ensuring contractors are working safely, with all work and visits approved and recorded.”

Mark Goff, Estates Business Manager , Falmouth Exeter Universities Read full case study

“We were very dependent on paper processes to manage our contractors on site; understanding the concept of continuous compliance through the Verature infographic opened my eyes to how we could move in the right direction to remove ourselves from paper and use a forward-thinking system.”

Derek Holes, Facilities Manager, Ornua Foods Read full case study

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