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We have introduced our brand new Newsletters page! Keeping you in the loop is one of our top priorities, the newsletter page offers you the opportunity to find brand-new updates and functionality improvements in one place. Plus, you can scroll back through previous updates to make sure you haven’t missed a single thing!


May 2024

March 2024

Health & Safety Document Dashboard

We’ve completely transformed the previous version to ensure a more user-friendly and thorough experience. Dive into a revamped interface that offers enhanced functionality and accessibility for a seamless health and safety document management process.


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Verature hs-dashboard

Release Notes and Notifications

We have introduced a new Release Notes page, ensuring you get all the latest updates, improvements and features when we implement them into Verature. To make sure noone misses any significant updates or important news, you will now see a notification banner appear at the top of your screen informing you of the changes and linking you to the location of the new information.

January 2024

Image Upload to Permits

We have introduced the ability to upload images, such as site plans or drawings, onto permits. This feature allows for a clearer understanding of the project, as these images are displayed on both the PDF and electronic permits. Whether you’re reviewing a site plan or examining detailed drawings, the image upload option ensures that everyone has a visual representation.

New Contractor Portal!

The Contractor Portal allows companies to manage their workers, credentials and inductions at any time, even if they haven’t been invited to a project yet. 


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Verature project dashboard

Furthermore, if you have been added to any existing projects, you can easily view and manage them through the portal as well. Conveniently access and oversee all your projects, permits, employee information and create new employee profiles all from the portal.

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Verature supplier-portal

Colour-coded Calendar View

To optimise your project management experience, we have introduced a clever colour-coding feature.

Projects that have received approvals from all associated companies will be displayed in green, ensuring a quick visual confirmation of their status. Conversely, projects that are pending approval from one or more companies will be highlighted in red. This colour-coding system enables you to easily identify upcoming projects that are yet to be approved with just a single glance.

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Verature project dashboard

Key Procedure Document Library

Upload important documents such as site rules and fire procedures into a central place. These documents can be easily shared with contractors when you invite them to a project. Plus, you can update them whenever necessary, ensuring everyone is up-to-date.

June 2023

Enhanced Map View

Using Google Maps or site maps, you can see the exact location and status of your operations.

To further enhance user experience, each section on the map includes a search box, allowing for the filtering of information based on specific criteria relevant to the user’s needs.

Whether tracking a particular project or locating a specific permit, the search box offers flexibility and convenience in accessing the required information.

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Verature project dashboard map

Additionally, clickable markers on the map allow for access to more detailed information, presenting informative pie charts and a table showcasing relevant data.

This feature provides deeper insights into contractor activities and helps identify areas that require attention or improvement.

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Verature project dashboard map

Permit Dashboard

With the addition of the Permit Dashboard, you can easily monitor and track the progress of all permits, sorting and filtering them by status and type. This feature provides a convenient way to gain an overview of the current state of your permits and quickly identify any areas that may require further attention or action.

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Verature project dashboard

Calendar View

Now, you can effortlessly stay on top of all upcoming projects and contractor bookings in a user-friendly format similar to Outlook calendar. Easily view your upcoming projects on a daily, weekly or monthly calendar. Have peace of mind by having a clear overview of events and their respective dates across different locations.

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Verature project-calendar


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