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visitor management for the natural history museum in London

A lot of people like visiting museums because they promise to introduce them to fresh, interesting, and novel experiences. However, there’s only one way to improve the visitor experience at museums all around: using people counting sensors to understand visitor behaviour and make improvements where necessary. You might be focusing on implementing the newest technologies to keep visitor numbers up at your museum, and that has its place. Automating your laborious visitor management procedures with a simple, user-friendly system to guarantee visitors reach your various locations safely, arrive safely, and remain safe. So, how can visitor management help your museum? 

How Can a Visitor Management System Help Your Museum? 

Businesses can efficiently manage the booking process for contractors and visitors thanks to our visitor access control software. It is giving a business the best and most efficient way to obtain documentation from visitors and contractors to make sure they are lawfully permitted to enter the premises. 

With the help of the Verature systems, you can easily gather, confirm, and track all the data you require for each contractor and visitor. Verature reduces workloads and saves you valuable man-hours by using automated information management and reporting software. Contractors and guests are automatically reminded to log in externally, upload their certificates of insurance, and complete their orientations and questionnaires before arriving for verification.

The London Natural History Museum 

Did you know that more than five million people visit the Natural History Museum in London each year? As a premier tourist destination and hub for scientific research that displays a wide variety of specimens from various fields of natural history, it is one of three significant museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington. The museum houses specimens from life and earth sciences and has five main collections covering botany, entomology, mineralogy, palaeontology, and zoology. It cares for more than 80 million objects spanning billions of years.

The Verature development team is collaborating with the London Natural History Museum to deliver a new system to manage and sign in the various visitor types accessing their various sites, including Tring and South Kensington for business, the library, work contracts, and collections, as well as manage their visitor induction process and fire register. The London Natural History Museum realised they needed to set up a system to better manage and gather data on visitors entering the museum. The development team at Verature has delivered their Verature Visitor Management System to help the business organise, control, and secure access to the museum to decrease administration time on site and replace their current manual process.

To avoid missing anything in their compliance processes, the London Natural History Museum wanted a system that could expand with the business, be used at multiple access points, and be installed at multiple locations. The organisation was able to set up a kiosk mode with the Verature system so visitors can print badges with a photo ID when they sign in, while the system automatically updates the fire register to fulfil their due diligence through the completion of this first phase.

The London Natural History Museum uses the Verature system to control visitor access in a safe, practical, adaptable, and economical manner. It also makes it simple to access a site fire register online for safety and security.

How Can Verature Help Your Museum 

Verature is a visitor management and contractor control system that assists businesses in maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations by integrating effective pre-qualifying features to guarantee businesses are always aware of their contractual obligations. A streamlined system for managing the lifecycle of visitors and hired contractors, from booking and compliance assessment through document control, an induction process, and on-the-job audits. 

At Verature your contractors and/or visitors will receive your induction (whether video, or PowerPoint), and they’re forced to download content before they are allowed to accept/agree that they understand. We do this in compliance with the findings of the Manchester Arena bombings, where the venue failed to provide evidence that the stewards had completed an induction.  

Having trouble controlling visitor access? If you’d like to learn more, we offer free, no-obligation webinar walkthroughs of the Verature system.

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