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To reduce administration time on site and replace their existing manual process, the development team have worked with the London Natural History Museum to deliver a new system to help the organisation organise, control and secure access to museum.

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What made the London Natural History Museum change from a simple visitor’s book…

With multiple types of visitors entering the major museum on daily basis, the Operations and Security Team needed something to manage visitors and ensure their compliance and security standards were maintained.

Before Verature…

With Verature…

Natural History Museum were finding it challenging to manage the manual process of visitors accessing the museum and no simple way to check compliance and security.

An easy to use and seamless system, automating a once manual process, which now ensures visitors information is collected efficiently and tracked when arriving on multiple sites.

Costly and time-consuming task of chasing and manually compiling information around different types of visitors. An automated and streamlined collection of visitor data, reducing costs owing to the elimination of manual errors and ensuring active visitor compliance checks.
Internally searching and manually chasing teams and departments to find information about visitors accessing the museum. A central system for department to easily search data saved within the system. Saving time by eliminating inefficient manual searches for information relating to visitors and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the team.
Struggling to evidence that ensures visitors are complying with corporate security and policies across their multiple sites. A simple and easy visitor database with profiles, instantly seeing valid pre-qualification assessments to ensure security of visitors across their multiple sites.
Ensuring visitors are signing in and out of sites via reception desks. Instantly see real-time information on their own site fire register, significantly improving productivity and accountability. Online and indestructible, a centralised fire register helps the team to effectively be ready for any situation.
Cannot easily search information and don’t have a simple visibility of compliance and track visitor information for security reviews. Automates how visitors and contractors sign in or out of the museum with the options of 3 different kiosk modes and pass tracking, which all provide the perfect solution for ongoing security.

When the London Natural History Museum wanted to improve their visitors log to help better manage visitor information and compliance, they turned to Verature.

The Natural History Museum in London is a world-class visitor attraction and leading science research centre that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history and welcome more than five million visitors annually. It is one of three major museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington; the museum is home to life and earth science specimens, caring for more than 80 million objects spanning billions of years within five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, palaeontology, and zoology.

The development team at Verature are working with London Natural History Museum to deliver a new system to manage and sign in the multiple types of visitors accessing their multiple sites – Tring and South Kensington for; Business, the Library, Work Contracts and Collections, and ultimately manage their visitor induction process and the fire register.

London Natural History Museum knew they needed to put a system in place to better manage and collected information of their visitors coming into the museum. To reduce administration time on site and replace their existing manual process, the development team at Verature have delivered their Verature Visitor Management System to help the business organise, control and secure access to museum.

London Natural History Museum wanted a system that could grow with the company and be used at multiple access points and multiple sites, as they gathered additional requirements; taking on a phased step approach to ensure things weren’t missed in their compliance processes. Through this first phase the organisation has managed to create a simple and easy way to sign visitors on site as well as set up a kiosk mode with the Verature system so visitors can print badges with a photo ID when they sign in, while the system automatically updates the fire register to complete their due diligence.

The Verature system at London Natural History Museum is providing a secure, convenient, flexible and a cost-effective way of controlling visitors access to the museum, all while having easy access to an online site fire register for safety and security.

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