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About Verature

Verature provides continuous contractor compliance by automating your assurance and compliance workflow.

Our mission is to help teams ensure contractors arrive safe, work safe and stay safe.

Our vision is to organise business information in the simplest and most useful way possible.

Verature is a straightforward, easy-to-use system ensuring contractors arrive safe, work safe and stay safe across your multiple locations.

Businesses are tired of chasing contractors and fear the lack of visibility over their contractor compliance. Finding the time to control every aspect of a contractor coming onto the site for work can involve a lot of chasing and sometimes corners to be cut, so how can you ensure contractors comply with your health and safety requirements?

Verature can help guarantee compliance, enabling businesses to work smarter not harder, with streamlined automation so nothing gets missed.  

Verature enables you to improve audits and reporting for everyone with better tools and visibility by helping you to be in more than one place at one time with centralised and remote and self-serving tools.

About Target

Verature is a product by Target Information Systems Ltd. As the owner of the Verature system, you can always be assured that you are dealing directly with the developers and not a reseller.

We are a helping hand to your business – we listen, we discuss, and we develop award-winning digital business solutions just for you. Target Information Systems Ltd is a software development company made up of a collection of highly experienced professionals that want to understand your business objectives and determine how our digital solutions can deliver the results you desire. Target was created from knowing the working world can be made simpler with innovative software solutions that can provide control, visibility, compliance and savings.

Photo of Phil Atkinson

Phil Atkinson

Managing Director

Photo of Daryl Greensill

Daryl Greensill

Technical Director

Photo of Robert Ellam

Robert Ellam

Production Director


April Waddington

Sales and Marketing Director

Photo of Kerry Brady

Kerry Brady

Finance Manager


James Cole

Account Manager

Photo of Paula Casterton

Paula Casterton

Office Manager

Photo of Josh Henighan

Josh Henighan

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Will Roy

Will Roy

Software Developer


Harrison Fenton-Fearn

Software Developer

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Not sure if Verature is right for you? We understand it’s not easy to make a decision on a new system, but that’s why we’ve created our Onboarding Kit to make that that process simple.

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You’ll get to see and choose your customisation options, and check out the available add-ons and extras so the system is exactly what you want and need.

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Keeping this guide with you, and working closely with us, we can walk you through each step so you can be completely up and running with your own Verature system.

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