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“The Verature system is very easy to use and has given us a complete overview of our site tour bookings making it easier to plan ahead and reduce administration time.”

Pamela Cookey, Facilities Manager, National Composites Centre

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How the National Composites Centre changed from a simple visitor’s book…

With multiple types of visitors gaining access to site and visiting on a daily basis, the team at NCC needed a better way to manage visitors and contractors booking site tours and manage their induction process and health and safety questionnaires.

Before Verature…

With Verature…

National Composites were finding it challenging to manage the manual process of tracking visitors and contractor bookings that were accessing the site and no effortless way to check compliance.

An easy-to-use system, automating a once manual process, which now ensures visitors information is collected efficiently and tracked when arriving on site.

Costly and time-consuming task of chasing and manually compiling information around diverse types of visitors. An automated and streamlined collection of visitor data, reducing costs owing to the elimination of manual errors and ensuring active visitor compliance checks.
Internally searching and manually chasing teams and departments to find information about visitors accessing the site. A central system for departments to easily search data saved within the system. Saving time by eliminating inefficient manual searches for information relating to visitors and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the team.
Struggling to evidence that ensures visitors are complying with health and safety regulations and policies when accessing their site. A simple and easy visitor database with profiles, instantly seeing valid pre-qualification assessments to ensure security of visitors.
Ensuring visitors are signing in and out of sites via reception desks. Instantly see real-time information on their own site fire register, significantly improving productivity and accountability. Online and indestructible, a centralised fire register helps the team to effectively be ready for any situation.
Visitors and contractors attending site must complete an Induction as well at site. Inductions are given manually and on site, followed by a questionnaire. Easily distribute the pre-qualifying induction videos and questionnaires so visitors and contractors can do remote inductions before arriving on site with verification questions which can only be answered with attention to the induction material.

When the National Composites Centre wanted to improve their visitor and contractor booking in process and improve on site compliance, they turned to Verature.

The NCC is helping to make the composites industry even more economically competitive and environment responsible. Their mission is to accelerate the growth of UK industrial output by enabling design and manufacturing enterprises to deliver winning solutions in the application of composites.

The development team at Verature are working with NCC to deliver a new system to manage visitors and contractors booking site tours, and ultimately manage inductions and health and safety questionnaires.

NCC knew they needed to put a system in place to better manage visitors on site. To reduce administration time on site, Verature have implemented their Visitor Management System to help the business organise, control and secure access to their site.

NCC wanted a system that could grow with the company as they gathered additional requirements; taking on a phased step approach to ensure things were not missed in their processes. Through their phased step approach the organisation has managed to gain sequential numbering of permits and have the ability to search contractors to understand when they have been on site, what risk assessments have been provided and which permits have been issued.

The Verature system at NCC is providing a secure, convenient, flexible and a cost-effective way of controlling tours and access to site, all while having easy access to an online site fire register.

“The team at Verature have been fabulous; we have been very impressed with how reactive and helpful they have been with our support tickets and queries throughout the project.”

Pamela Cookey, Facilities Manager, National Composites Centre
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