Posted on 23rd November 2017

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Health and Safety Compliance Made Simple

With ever-changing regulations, Health and Safety compliance can be a struggle and a drain on stretched or limited resources.

HSE have posted the health and safety statistics for Great Britain (2016/2017) Stating 137 workers were killed at work, while 609,000 injuries occurred at work and the estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions was £14.9 billion.

Businesses need to ensure they are complying with health and safety law by taking the steps and practical tasks that protect people from harm and at the same time protect the future success and growth of the business.

As regulations change organisations think health and safety is too complicated to stay on top of, and can sometimes take a back seat or slow down work in a bid to deliver as both managers and employees may tend to ignore safety protocols.

However, managing Health and Safety doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With a system in place, it is in fact quite simple and easier than you think.

Developments in innovative software is making it possible to simplify the way you manage contractor compliance and health and safety. With a few simple clicks, an organisation can spur on the business to ensure health and safety is the number one priority so they always remain compliant.

Innovative software like our Verature Visitor Management and Contractor Control System, is allowing businesses to capture information, reduce risk, maintain compliance and evidence due diligence.

An automated information management system can help you ensure all the necessary documents and information have been summited and qualified before a contractor does any work or a visitor come onto site.

Compliance is made simple with an automated system; it can automatically chase, collect and store the necessary and qualifying documents quickly and easily to save you valuable man hours and focus making more informed decisions on whether to either reject or accept and review a contractor for work with automatic reminders and alerts to ensure everything is compliant with legal obligations.

Being able to manage health and safety in your business should be at the top your agenda. The health and well-being of employees, visitors and contractors should be a top priority where people are at the core of the business.

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