Posted on 23rd June 2020

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Return To The Workplace With A Safe System Of Work

With many people returning to work as restrictions are being lifted, it is crucial that employers continue to protect their team and any visitors to your site.

The government has recently produced guidance to help make sure workplaces are as safe as possible. To support this guidance the HSE has produced documents about "Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak" and “Talking with your workers about preventing coronavirus”.

We’ve developed our Verature Contractor Management systems to enable your organisation to continue to work safely with, Kiosk Mode Receptions, Lone working options, and Specific Questionnaires and Health Declaration Approval Process.

  • Kiosk Mode Receptions: Enabling you to move to a paperless system that can limit hand to hand contact, the Verature system can be set to a to a kiosk mode to automate how visitors and contractors sign in or out of site; preventing unnecessary queues and bottle necks not only via paperless signing-in, but by allowing RAMS and Credentials to be checked and your visitor to be Inducted,  BEFORE they even arrive on site!
  • Lone Working: Track Lone Worker situations, with a full escalation process. The Verature System is enabling Lone Workers to log out remotely and if they have not signed off site, a text and email will be issued to an emergency contact to escalate a healthy and safety check on the Worker.
  • Specific Questionnaires and Health Declaration Approval Process: You and your team will have the ability to only approve visits with an approved coronavirus questionnaire. The development to the contractor compliance process enables you and your team to pre-vet for the coronavirus before your visitors or contractors arrive anywhere near your site and near your staff. From the Verature system an induction questionnaire can be sent to your chosen visitors and contractors to be checked, based on the answers provided, the questionnaire will expire every 7 days and will be re-sent to ensure the health and safety of others on site.

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, your business can move towards a productive future and improve your contractor management and compliance with innovative software to seriously contribute to your savings in time, money and employee safety!

Hear what the experts have to say! 

We brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss how your business can adjust to the ‘new workplace’ & much more. The webinar explored topics such as Social Distancing, the impact across different industries, technology and automation, and the future; and what you may change and implement to assist your business continuity planning to manage your Contractor Compliance post lockdown.

You can catch up with the webinar at: and download a list of helpful resources, including our project assessment plan which can help you build a case for business change.

Can we help you and your team move towards a safer and compliant future? Want to know more about how Verature can help in your return to the workplace? We’re currently offering free, no-obligation walk throughs of the Verature system over webinar if you’d be interested to see more! click here to schedule a suitable time.

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