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100% of clients agreed that Verature saves them time, effort and ultimately cost.

Ensure contractors arrive safe, work safe and stay safe.

Automate your time-consuming contractor management process with a straightforward, easy to use system, to streamline contractor management, improve safety, and simplify compliance reporting across multiple locations.

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Are You Drowning in Paper Processes and Struggling with Spreadsheets?

95% of all Verature clients agreed that we have helped them improve their productivity.

Work smarter, not harder. With streamlined automation, nothing gets missed.

Don’t work around errors and missing information. Automate contractor management procedures. So you don’t make costly mistakes and let Verature easily put your finger on what you need to find.

Monitor contractors all in one place.

Enjoy a simple and easy way to look at contractor compliance. Know what needs doing next with real-time information and a clear digital dashboard, and gain reports from multiple locations on visits, credentials, and permits.

Guarantee compliance.

Verature’s built-in workflows, mandatory fields, and approvals ensure your compliance regime is followed 100% of the time. Automate requests for health and safety information and easily share inductions and assessments.

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Are you struggling to keep track of your key contractors and maintain their compliance requirements?

87.5% of clients agreed that Verature was essential in helping them maintain contractor compliance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Remove the chase and maintain compliance with efficient and continuous contractor assurance.

Requesting and keeping contractor documents up-to-date and checked doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming with Verature. The system’s in-built questionnaire and credential approval processes and tools, such as the Contractor Assurance Portal ensures you can actively work together with contractors.

Save time with proactive planning vs reactive firefighting.

You set the job requirements, and Verature notifies your contractors to complete and maintain their compliance records. Documents are quickly uploaded and stored directly to the system by your contractors, freeing up your time to pre-vet and approve well-in-advance of planned works.

Safer and approved contractors, sub-contractors and workers.

Verature’s contractor Health and Safety Questionnaire provides tools to easily pre-qualify your contractors; automated alerts and reminders about expired documents help your key contractors stay qualified.

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Are You Frustrated with Bottlenecks at Reception and Need to Manage Contractor Requirements across Multiple Locations?

100% of clients said that without Verature, managing contractors and workers would be less efficient.

Be in more than one place at one time with Verature’s remote and self-serving tools.

With multiple projects, locations, and contractors, you can gain complete 360 visibility of your compliance management activities. With Verature you can ensure contractors arrive safe, work safe and stay safe across your multiple locations.

Reduce staff needed at reception points.

Simply manage and collect mandatory details of any type of worker in one automated, self-service Contractor Assurance Portal. Let them take your site safety induction and assessment, away from the site and before arrival; while our Self-Service Mobile Check-In reduces queues and bottlenecks with a simple QR code sign-in at locations, doing away with expensive kiosk hardware.

Improve audit and reporting for everyone.

Share contractor profiles, compliance data and reporting across your locations in one central system. See live “On-site Now” reporting of contractors across multiple locations, and audit historical visits, permits and jobs.

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Verature continues to make compliance simpler.

85% of clients agreed that Verature helps efficiently manage and communicate new and changing requirements before a Contractor arrives on site.

  • Contractor and Visitor Database
  • Digital Dashboards
  • Document Requests and Storage
  • Contractor Assurance Portal
  • Email and SMS Notification Process
  • Self-Service Mobile Check-In
  • “On-site Now” Reporting
  • Unlimited User Permissions
  • Built-in and Custom Workflows
  • Manage COVID-19 Compliance
  • Approval Control and Automation
  • Permits and Passes Reporting
  • Vehicle and Parking Management
  • Diary Management Dashboard
  • Site Fire Register
  • Integrated Electronic Permits to Work
  • Prequalifying Induction Assessment
  • Sub-Contractor and Worker Management

“The Verature system has been really well received at Sibelco; it’s clean and user friendly. We now have a complete overview of our visitors and contractors on each of our sites to ensure they’ve completed the required inductions. The system is making it easy to ensure we are remaining accountable for the safety of our contractors when on site.”

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  • Contractor Database
  • Contractor Record and Profile
  • Contractor Assurance Portal
  • Document Requests and Storage
  • Automated Email Alerts
  • Health and Safety Questionnaire
  • Digital Dashboards and Reporting
  • Automated Renewal Reminder Alerts to Contractor
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