Choosing the Right Visitor Management Software for Your Venue

Navigate with Confidence: Selecting the Ideal Visitor Management Software for Your Venue

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Modern companies are held together by technology such as hot desking, office scheduling, and visitor management software. After the pandemic disrupted our lives, the “new normal” of our working lives emerged in a matter of months. But with it came some great benefits, businesses can now simplify and automate the way they handle visitors, guests, contractors, or employees at a venue, office building, or other business location by using visitor management software solutions.

To protect employees and contractors from harmful viruses and other factors, managing visits is essential. Venues can maintain the security of their locations with a strong visitor management system. To help you get started on selecting the best visitor management software for your venue we have put together a list of the things you should take into consideration. Let’s start by comprehending the potential this innovative technology has to increase the safety of your business and its personnel.

How can Visitor Management Software Help Your Venue?

With an effective visitor management solution, a venue can automate registration, check-in, check-out, and onboarding procedures, simplify visit tracking, reduce operating expenses, boost compliance, and enhance building security by using a visitor management system. The numerous advantages of visitor management software can significantly improve a business’s operations and overall customer experience.

Considerations to Make When Selecting a Visitor Management Software 

Let’s examine the elements that a good visitor management system should have.

  1. Pre-Vet Visitors: Before Covid-19, the pre-registering guest was an option for reducing line wait times at the front desk. It is now necessary. Your front desk employees can pre-register visitors with the aid of the proper visitor management software. This is critical to avoiding crowding in lobby areas, minimising pointless interactions between people, and accelerating the check-in and check-out procedure for both visitors and staff.
  2. Contactless Check-in: When guests or contractors who have reservations arrive on-site, they can check in using a QR code at the kiosk. Verature enables visitors to scan a QR code at any of your locations to check themselves in on their mobile device. After check-in the system notifies the host they have arrived by email or SMS.
  3. Data Transfer: For hybrid workplaces, real-time visitor data sheets that are available in shareable formats are also essential. A cloud-based visitor management system can be quite helpful in this situation. These solutions simplify the registration process for guests and the tracking of visitor flow for your team and the HR department.
  4. Compliance with Data Privacy: Data privacy is one of the most important factors you must take into account when selecting the best visitor management software. These cloud-based visitor logs accommodate a wide range of information, such as personal information about visitors and staff, time-stamped movements, location information, and your company’s plans. As a result, your platform must adhere to your organisational data storage, residency, and deletion policies.

How Can Verature Help Your Venue 

Here at Verature, we created this article to assist you in making an informed decision about the product you choose. Selecting a visitor management system doesn’t have to be a challenging procedure.

Verature is a visitor management and contractor control system that helps businesses comply with health and safety standards by incorporating effective pre-qualifying features that ensure all parties are meeting their contractual and legal obligations. A streamlined system for managing the visitor and hired contractor lifecycle, from booking and compliance evaluation to document control, an induction procedure, and on-the-job audits.

The Verature system can also be set to a kiosk mode to automate how visitors and contractors sign in or out of the site, enabling you to switch to a paperless system that can reduce hand-to-hand interaction. This prevents unneeded lines and bottlenecks by allowing RAMS and credentials to be checked and your visitor to be inducted before they even arrive at your venue!

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