Contractor Control: Ensure H&S Compliance with Visitor Management

Control Contractors And Manage Visitor Information To Comply With Your H&S Regulations…

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Looking for control? Verature is what you need. Authorise, authenticate and secure your business with this system for unprecedented levels of compliance and security.

What? Verature: Visitor Management and Contractor Control System

Where? To be used before, during and after a contractor or visitor is on site. It can be used internally and externally, with multiple and different user groups.

Why? To help certify your company has the best level of practice and due diligence and remains compliant to regulations to reduce accidents and security breaches.

How much? The system starts at £9,750.00 plus VAT. With 3 different tiers to choose from that all offer unlimited users and documents, branded login screen designed to suit your company profile and free webinar training

Verature Visitor Management? So it acts like a reception desk?

It’s more than that… The visitor access control software is allowing businesses to effectively manage the booking in process for employed contractors and visiting professionals. It is providing the most effective and efficient way for a business to collect documentation from contractors and visitors to ensure they are compliant with legislation before they step onto site.

Sounds like a lot of chasing for documents…

Absolutely not. The Vearture systems enable you to collect, verify and track all the information you need for each contractor and visitor seamlessly. Verature uses automated information management and reporting software to save you valuable man hours and make workloads lighter. Contractors and visitors are automatically notified to login externally and upload their own documents of insurance and certification, as well as do their inductions and questionnaires prior to their visit for verification.

That will save so much time! So what else does it offer?

As an information repository system, Verature systems allow users to upload insurance, certificates and licenses, along with their expiry date. The system tracks expiry dates of all collected information, induction and training, and alerts and notifies users when renewal is due. Verature allows to create work permits, and alerts the relevant colleagues of high risk permit holders for on-site audit checks.

Let’s talk users then – how many people can use and access this system?

Anybody can use the system, providing they’ve been given permission. Verature is accessible online to unlimited users but is secured by login and password credentials. Contractors and Visitors are invited to login into the system via an automated email initiated through Verature, allowing them to login and complete any pre-qualifying processes.

Okay, so sum it up for us…

Verature is a visitor management and contractor control system helping businesses remain compliant of health and safety regulations by incorporating efficient and effective pre-qualifying features to ensure businesses are on top of its contractor obligations at all times. A seamless system to manage the lifecycle of employed contractors and visitors; from booking and assessment for compliance, to document control, an induction process and on job audits.

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