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Digital Solutions for Managing Contractor Compliance

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It can be challenging to manage contractors effectively when your workplace is busy. How can you ensure everyone on site, including outside contractors, is safe and compliant while minimising your risk? The answer to this question is digital solutions. This is due to how much simpler and more efficient it is to manage contractors using a digital system. 

You can pre-approve contractors for access by examining and validating their permissions in advance. You can also be certain that they satisfy all requirements. Since there is no waiting, you bypass the bottleneck upon arrival. Furthermore, with real-time clocking in and out, location tracking, and permit-to-work requests all supplied digitally, you can be certain that everyone is working legally and safely.

Consider investing in a digital system like Verature if you’re seeking a contractor management solution that can help your business processes run more smoothly and ensure employee safety. To learn more, keep reading! 

Why is Contractor Compliance Management Important? 

Ensuring contractor compliance is important as it helps to lower risks to the company and its executives in terms of workplace safety, money, insurance obligations, and the law.

You need a well-organised framework that enables you to prequalify contractors, monitor their activities, and keep up with their documentation if you want to develop an efficient contractor compliance procedure. It might be advantageous to enlist the assistance of a third-party source such as Verature to help maintain your contractor compliance management.

Managing Contractors with Permit to Work 

A crucial component of contractor management is the permit to work. It assists in ensuring that all employees on the property have the authorization required to do their duties securely. Safety issues and accidents can be more easily prevented if you keep track of who is present.

Receiving requests, responding to them, keeping track of permissions and keeping an eye on expirations all take time during the Permit to Work process. For the simplest projects, paper files and Excel spreadsheets might be adequate, but anything more is likely to spiral out of control very soon. It’s time to replace paper-based methods with ones that are considerably easier and more environmentally friendly. Due to the automation of the Permit to Work procedure, many organisations nowadays are using digital solutions for managing contractors and subcontractors.

You can provide specific permissions to each user on what they can see and do in the system using Verature’s adjustable user permissions to manage who sees what. By quickly evaluating the compliance status of your contractors and where you stand with their vetting, working collaboratively and keeping everyone in the loop, you can share the workload with your team via digital dashboards and reporting.

Our Client Sibelco 

Sibelco came to Verature when they wanted to switch to a cutting-edge cloud-based platform to help them manage visitor and contractor compliance across their several facilities. To get total awareness of the induction and documentation compliance of visitors and contractors arriving throughout Sibelco’s several facilities, the Verature system team collaborated with Sibelco to build a new system.

The organisation needed a system in place to offer structure and a consistent method to improve the manual upkeep of its old system of punch cards and spreadsheets to manage contractor induction compliance because it had hundreds of external workers working across numerous sites. Sibelco required a more effective and efficient approach to manage inductions and gather data as contractors and guests arrived on site to assure compliance and security.

“The Verature system has been really well received at Sibelco; it’s clean and user-friendly. We now have a complete overview of our visitors and contractors on each of our sites to ensure they’ve completed the required inductions. The system is making it easy to ensure we are remaining accountable for the safety of our contractors when on site.”

Wendy Brunt
Operations Administrator

The team at Sibelco has really benefited from using the Verature contractor compliance system to organise, administer, and improve health and safety practices at their numerous sites throughout the UK. The most successful, simple, and cost-effective method of managing Sibelco’s contractor inductions is through the Verature system.

How Can Digital Solutions Help with Contractor Compliance Management? 

The most effective and consistent compliance with your organisation’s standards will be met by your contractor thanks to a competent contractor management system. By doing so, you may lessen the overall risk exposure to the organisation and concentrate on achieving other business and operational goals.

You can keep contractors safe, lower corporate risk, and conserve priceless time, money, and resources with a good contractor compliance management system in place. Verature has assisted organisations in overcoming their issues with contractor compliance and contractor management as a result of our experience with numerous companies in the public and private sectors. We can assist you in managing contractor compliance effectively, enhancing organisational safety, and lowering total risk with our digital solutions.

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