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How to Track Contractor Compliance Documents

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Building project teams must keep track of the status of contractor compliance documents such as contractor insurance policies and licensing. At Verature, we also focus on risk assessment and safe work method statements, site safety plans, evidence of accident and injury reporting and management processes, COSHH policy and other company policies and regulations.These documents are frequently required when submitting insurance and HSE audits. They can come from a variety of sources and at various points throughout a project, so staying organised is critical.

It can be difficult to keep the documents organised logically and ensure that everyone meets the contractual compliance requirements, especially on large projects with multiple contractors. There are numerous dates to keep track of, as well as various types of insurances, licences, waivers, and other specifications that must all be reviewed and proved. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your project in compliance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Keep all Compliance Documents in One Place

Trying to find documents is difficult enough without having to search in multiple places. With several firms having the main office as well as several job site offices, it is even more critical that all contractor compliance documents are obtainable to everyone who needs to see them.

When looking for expiration dates or performing a quick compliance check, it is best to keep track of important dates or the receipt of specific documents in a software system or spreadsheet. This eliminates the need to sift through numerous files to determine the status of a contractor’s insurance or whether they have yet to submit RAMS for the project. More on why keeping compliance documents in one place is crucial.

Keep Track of Expiration Dates

It is critical to check the expiration dates of insurance policies and licences regularly. A good rule of thumb is to check in on all active contractors at least once a month. Doing so before having to send payment creates an incentive for contractors to submit documents as soon as possible.

Examine the expiration dates you’ve recorded in the software you’re using to keep track of them. If there is an error or you have an issue, check the original documents in your file management system. It is faster and easier to check the dates in a spreadsheet or software than it is to look at the original documents every time.

Some contractor management software can send notifications when documents are about to expire. When these features are available, take advantage of them because they will help keep your contractors in compliance, whilst also ensuring little to no effort on your part.

“The Verature system is enabling us to work collaboratively with our contractors and ensure compliance standards. We’ve found the Verature Team very easy to work with, the coding is excellent and the system itself is self-explanatory; it is working exactly how we envisaged for this first phase, and we can’t wait to roll it out around the Estate.”

Di Hudson, Group Head of IT, Goodwood Group

Learn more on why keeping track of expiration dates is a critical aspect of compliance.

Inform Contractors when Documents are not in Compliance.

If you discover that a contractor is not in compliance at any point during the project, notify them immediately and explain what needs to be fixed. This notice may be delivered via email, letter, or phone call. Make a note of all correspondence. Continue to follow up if the contractor does not send the documents within a reasonable time.

Payment can sometimes be used as an incentive to submit correct documents. In most cases, withholding payment is justified because the contractor has broken the contract. Not only can Verature send out automated renewal reminder emails for out-of-date documents, but when you reject contractor documentation/or the information they’ve shared doesn’t meet compliance standards, the system will automatically update the contractor via email and request they submit additional information, along with explanatory notes. The customer defines the email template Verature delivers, and some clients will exploit the fear of non-payment in their communications.

Learn more about why good communication is essential for maintaining contractor compliance.

Use Contractor Management Software

Implementing a system with features that make the job easier for you and your team is one of the best ways to improve contractor compliance. Verature’s Contractor Management Software includes numerous features that assist businesses in streamlining and automating their contractor compliance workflow. Clients unanimously agreed that Verature saved them time, effort, and money.

By choosing Verature for tracking your key contractors you can:

  • Automate and streamline contractor data collection and ensure active contractor compliance checks.
  • Manage all of your key contractor data in one central location, making it simple and easy to bring data and information together in one system.
  • Have a straightforward contractor database with profiles, with instant access to valid pre-qualification assessments to ensure you have the best contractors on site.
  • Easily search saved contractor information, increasing your team’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Allow contractors to upload their documents and credentials while tracking expiry dates and sending automated renewal reminders.

Along with many other features because we understand that a lot can happen in a day. If you don’t have control over who comes on site, or if you do, but can’t quickly find evidence and audit, contractor management software can help with that, ensuring you stay compliant 24/7 all year long and that business can run smoothly.

More on how software can help you keep track of key documents and maintain contractor compliance.

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