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Let’s Talk About Contractor Compliance Management.

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When you have a large workforce, it can challenging to manage the large number of contractors coming onto your site every day, and you might be even be feeling like you are spread thin when trying to manage contractor compliance across multiple sites. It is essential that your legal obligations are met, and you are keeping a record of all the relevant documentation required to ensure they are competent, licenced and insured so you can prove compliance and evidence your due diligence.

Contractor compliance is vital and without it, you put are putting both your business and the health and safety of your contractors at risk! By efficiently and effectively managing your contractor compliance you will start seeing some great benefits for the business, such as reducing operational costs, an increase in contractor retention and a boost in productivity amongst your internal team.

With all these great benefits to gain, it’s worth exploring why you might want you to implement a contractor compliance management system.

Contractor compliance is the process of ensuring that your contractors, sub-contractors, and house-contractors adhere to the specific requirements of your organisation. It’s all about reducing the risk exposure to the business, and ensuring contractor compliance will reduce workplace safety risks, financial risks, insurance liabilities and legal risks to both the business and your team.

To create an effective contractor compliance process, you need to have an organised workflow that enables you to prequalify contractors, monitor their activities and stay on top of documentation expiry. With all the work needed to ensure your contractors remain compliant, it’s well worth considering exploring a contractor management system that can help automate your processes and workflows.

Here are five ways that a contractor management system can help you reach your compliance goals:

All your contractor data in one place.

If you are drowning in spreadsheets and paper processes that are in various filing systems across multiple offices and sites, you’ll know contractor data has become a struggle to navigate. A contractor management system will become your easy to use and accessible central repository for your contractor data; so, you can collect insurance information, qualifications, security checks, safe systems of work, licenses, certifications and more, all in one place.

How Verature can help: You don’t have to work around missing information or go searching in multiple files for contractor data, Verature let’s you easily put a finger on what you need to find by collecting all your contractor data in one central contractor database, with contractor profiles, so you can also monitor your contractors. With Verature you can know what needs doing next with real time information and you can check your contractors at a glance, knowing immediately where the gaps are in their compliance.

Stay a law-abiding citizen.

A contractor management system can help you stay on the right side of the law and ensure you can remain a law-abiding citizen. With a system that enables you to store and easily collect the documentation as proof of your contractors’ qualifications, licences, and registrations, you will instantly have the audit trail you need so you can demonstrate a process for implementing your legislated due diligence.

How Verature can help: Verature will enable you to worker smarter and not harder and is able to do all the leg work for you, ensuring that you know exactly what documentation and evidence you need from your contractors to prove compliance. What’s more, Verature can help you to check what you receive from your contractors is valid with an internal approval process – Verification is a key (and quite time consuming) component to the compliance management process.

Simply maintain health and safety obligations.

Overall workplace health and safety is fundamental and is another key concern in regard to contractor compliance. You need to meet your workplace health and safety obligations and ensure your contractors are kept safe, while also have received clear information about your safety policies and processes and are fully aware of their health and safety obligations.

How Verature can help: The Verature system can ensure all your contractors have not only received the necessary health and safety information specific to your sites and projects, but that the contractor has provided the appropriate risk assessments and method statements. And, of course, this is all recorded and stored against the contractor profile in the system, to prove a contractor’s understanding and agreement to comply with your health and safety obligations.

Move to online and remote inductions.

A great way to introduce contractor compliance policies and regulations is to use online inductions. A contractor management system can put these inductions in place, ensuring contractors are informed on your workplace health and safety regulations and any legal requirements. One of the key benefits of online inductions is that they are easy to track as you’ll have a record of your contractors completing any of your induction material.

How Verature can help: The Verature system enables your contractor inductions to be completed remotely, online. From the Verature system you can easily share any general and site, or project-specific pre-qualifying induction videos and assessments, and check completion with Verature’s pass or fail built-in process, ensuring you have safe and approved contractors, sub-contractors, and workers, before they even step onto site. Also, helping you maintain compliance with automated alerts, and reminders about expired inductions and documents help your key contractors stay-approved.

Keep up to date and ensure compliance, always!

Contractor compliance is more than just the initial prequalification process before the contracts begin; it is an ongoing process. Many things can change during the course of a project; documents can come up for renewal and regulations can evolve. By having an automated contractor management system, the system can send notifications of renewals and a specialist support team working with contractors to keep them on top of expired information and changing compliance requirements.

How Verature can help: Requesting and keeping contractor documents up-to-date and checked doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming with Verature. Verature is making continuous contractor compliance simple. Your teams can see real-time information on digital dashboards to see what needs doing next, and work through simple accept and reject processes, while Verature also enables contractors to upload their own documents and credentials, while Verature tracks expiry dates and chases them with automated renewal reminders. Verature is helping you gain complete 360 visibility of your compliance management activities and ensures contractors arrive safe, work safe and stay safe across your multiple locations.

For more info on this topic, view our comprehensive guide on Mastering Contractor Compliance, Workplace Safety, and Document Management

Considering putting a good contractor management system in place?

A good contract management system will ensure that your contractors meet the compliance requirements of your organisation as efficiently and consistently as possible. This means that you can focus and deliver on other business and operational objectives, while reducing the overall risk exposure to the organisation.

With a good contractor compliance management system in place, you can keep workers safe, reduce business risk and save valuable time, money, and resources.

We’ve been working with various businesses in the public and private sector, and Verature has helped organisations overcome their contractor compliance and contractor management challenges. We can help you not only efficiently manage your contractor compliance, but also make your organisation safer, while minimising your overall risk.

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