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New Feature Launch: Verature’s Automated Requirement Manager

Receptionist assisting contractor with new Automated Requirement Manager

Here at Verature, we are helping businesses like yours to automate their time-consuming contractor performance management with a simple, user-friendly system to ensure consistent contractor compliance across their multiple locations. That’s why we have introduced our new Automated Requirement Manager feature (ARM) to businesses so that you can remain a hands-off host!

Time is one of your most valuable resources, regardless of industry. Using Verature’s automated workflows and tools to replace spreadsheet and paper processes in your contractor management process can save your company money by reducing human labour costs as employees spend their time more effectively. With our new feature, you can work smarter not harder, with streamlined automation so nothing gets missed. 

Verature is the best solution for ensuring continuous contractor compliance, and here’s proof.

Verature’s Automated Requirement Manager Functionality

The ARM allows your company to label a contractor as a provider of a specific service and specify what mandatory requirements and credentials must be submitted by the contractor based on the type of service/work provided. You receive all of this while maintaining the ability to select additional requirements on an ad hoc basis. The result of this means you can rest assured that your organisation’s compliance requirements are met every time, whilst also reducing human error. Thanks to our ARM you no longer need to rely on the host/project manager to know what is required from a specific type of service/works provider.

All we ask of you is that you provide us with your entire matrix of services/works, as well as the mandatory requirements for each sector. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that the services cannot be altered at a later date. You can edit and make changes as needed, and if you do, the system will search all current projects and ensure that those requirements are added where applicable.

Tried and Tested by Goodwood

For those new to us, you may not know that Verature is used by Goodwood to manage large televised events such as the Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival. Set in 12000 acres of glorious Sussex countryside, Goodwood is England’s greatest sporting estate and home to three of the world’s largest sporting events. They needed an innovative system to help reduce the labour-intensive process of managing contractors coming onto site. We worked alongside Goodwood to automate their collection of compliance requirements from their contractors and subcontractors. The business currently uses Verature to automate all workers’ induction processes, ensuring that they have accepted the site rules and passed the online induction.

“The Verature system is enabling us to work collaboratively with our contractors and ensure compliance standards. We’ve found the Verature Team very easy to work with, the coding is excellent and the system itself is self-explanatory; it is working exactly how we envisaged for this first phase, and we can’t wait to roll it out around the Estate.”

Di Hudson, Group Head of IT, Goodwood Group

Imagine having to manually gather documents for over 250 contractors at events. For Goodwood, it’s now a piece of cake thanks to Verature’s Automated Requirement Manager. 

All they need to do now is simply invite contractors onto a project and Verature handles the rest. Verature is aware of the services provided by each contractor and can request more specific compliance information. For example, we will request proof of Food Safety Certificates if a contractor is providing catering services at an event. 

“We were going through a Business Transformation Project and were looking for an innovative system that could meet the requirements of our multiple departments and varied events. Going out to market, Verature was the first system we saw; we liked the simplicity of the system and the ease with which things could be changed and developed to meet our needs.”

Di Hudson, Group Head of IT, Goodwood Group

Project Dashboarding

Project dashboarding and email reminders to contractors who have yet to provide documents assist in keeping the project on track. Email notifications when documentation is submitted and requires approval ensure that Goodwood is always up to date.

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