Automating Contractor Management: Key Benefits Revealed

The Key Benefits of Automating Your Contractor Management Procedure

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Many companies may have got into the habit of hiring unapproved contractors – those who don’t meet your company-specific health and safety hiring prerequisites—but they will have become critical to your business when they are repeatedly hired to meet unusual or unexpected workload demands despite their questionable safety records.

With the HSE resuming targeted proactive inspection work, it is important to consider automating your contractor management procedure, so you and your team can continue to work efficiently and evidence contractor compliance.

Many people do not realise just how an integrated and configurable contractor management system can bring a team together to start to collect requirements from their contractors.

No matter what industry you’re in, time is one of your most precious resources. There never seems to be enough of it, so it is essential that you adopt efficient contractor management procedures to make the most of your time.

Enter automation. No, not robot-style automation, but online systems that improve the management of your contractor data. A web-based and innovative contractor management system that provide multiple benefits with an excellent opportunity to work and communicate with your contractors in a safe, secure, and an efficient online environment.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the key benefits of automating your contractor management procedure with an online system and how it can help you spend your time more effectively.

1. Save Time and Money

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of automation – and it’s an important one.

Automating your contractor management procedure frees up time, and the employees who were doing the manual tasks can be put to work on projects that can’t be automated or done by machines.

In many instances, automating your system can even save the company money by minimising human labour costs, as employees spend their time more effectively.

2. Easily Remain Compliant

With a manual system, it is up to an employee to ensure all insurances and certificates are up to date. By automating this part of your procedure with an innovative contractor management solution, the system will do the work for you.

Most automated contractor management systems have an integrated certificate tracking and verification functionality, which lets you know when certificates are out of date or need to be renewed.

Missing a contractor’s expired certificate can leave your business at risk of serious penalties so automating this process ensures no missing or expired certificates escape your notice.

3. Centralise Your Operations

When you automate your contractor management procedure, you are able to centralise you’re your contractor data in one secure platform – with an online contractor management system it allows you to collect, store and manage your work without burdening an employee with more manual paperwork. Whether you’re dealing with 50 contractors or 500, the online contractor management system will centralise control of all the information and documentation in a secure space, allowing you to work collaboratively with your team so nothing is misplaced.

4. Assess and Compare Contractors at the Touch of a Button

Rather than scrolling through endless lines of your contractor spreadsheet to find suitable candidates, an online system can do it for you. Automating the contractor management procedure will enable you to quickly assess information about your contractor compliance and easily see any kind of scorecards for easy analysis of their capabilities and if they are approved contractors because they are met your pre-qualifying checks.

5. Manage the Entire Contractor Life Cycle in one Place

Automating your contractor management procedure means rather than having multiple documents and folders, you can keep everything in the same place – from the first point of contact to pre-qualification, contractor selection to post-project performance review. Online contractor management systems consolidates everything and enables you to access it 24 hours a day, from anywhere that you have internet access.

Why You Should Automate Your Contractor Management Procedure

With manual contractor management processes, someone is responsible for collecting data, recording and tracking it, and searching through spreadsheets and countless emails to find information. Though this method has worked for many companies in the past, it’s unsuitable for the lean operating models that tend to succeed today.

Automating your procedures and processes with an online contractor management system can help streamline operations by doing much of that manual work for you. These systems hold all the information in one place and have search functions that make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for at the click of a button.

In essence, by automating your contractor management procedures you can bring your spreadsheets and emails online, eliminating time-wasting processes so you can dedicate more of your attention and efforts to important matters.

How do you currently manage your contractor compliance? Do you have an efficient and effective contractor management system?

Our Verature contractor management system offers visibility into your workforce gaps and provides valuable tools for helping contractors improve their safety compliance.

Authorising and managing risks associated with hiring decisions, Verature accelerates contractor time to work by providing an efficient and effective contractor on-boarding and pre-qualification tool to keep the contractor information current and accessible within a single repository.

Verature consecutively helps your business move unapproved contractors from being an exception hire to being cleared and ready for immediate assignment with:

  • Important Contractor Data Capture
  • Pre-qualifying Questionnaire & Induction Process
  • Formal Corrective Action Process
  • Contractor Safety Audits
  • Alerts, Escalations and Expirations on Important Documentation.

The PQQ/ Health and Safety Vetting process prior to a visitor or contractor arriving on site, has been crucial for our clients that have remained open during the pandemic; and indeed, for those performing their risk assessments as to how they will manage social distancing in their reception areas and entry points. Clients have been able demonstrate due diligence and compliance in respect to who they’re allowing on to site and proactively communicate expectations for behaviour whilst on site.

See below a Covid-19 health screening questionnaire we’ve created for one of our clients:

Verature is provided by, and a brand of Target Information Systems Ltd. Screenshot is from our latest webinar “Moving Forward: The Transition Back To The Workplace, A New Perspective.”

If you’re still hesitant, keep in mind that automation is the new normal across industries. With more and more companies cutting costs and improving efficiency, why stick to spreadsheets and manual processes? There’s no better time than now to upgrade your contractor management system.

Get in touch now for a quick initial chat or arrange a free, informal, no-obligation tour of Verature over a webinar to see how our contractor management systems can help.

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