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Centralise Contractor Compliance Information, RAMS and Permits in an Easy to Understand Management System

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Verature Contractor Management System: Key Features for Safety and Compliance

  1. Unified Access, Permissions, and Scalability: Ensure data security and scalability with Verature’s unified access environment, tailoring permission types based on roles and responsibilities within your organisation and providing unlimited users with scalable packages.
  2. Contractor Prequalification: Deliver your custom PQQ/Health & Safety Questionnaire with a seamless Accept/Reject Review Workflow.
  3. Automated Chasing: Save time and enhance efficiency with automated chasing features for submitted documents.
  4. Remote and Online Inductions: Streamline your induction process, ensuring safer access.
  5. Real-Time Reporting: Access project calendars, permit dashboards, and on-site reports in real-time across multiple sites, for informed decision-making.
  6. Digital Permit Management: Streamline the PTW and ATW process with Verature’s digital permit management system.
  7. Bans and Non-Compliance Tracking: Proactively manage bans and track non-compliance to maintain safety standards.
  8. Auditable Records: Access a robust audit trail for permits, documentation and jobs, ensuring transparency and compliance.
Why Choose Verature for Contractor Management?
  • Elevate safety standards and enhance compliance.
  • Experience secure access, streamlined workflows, and real-time reporting.
  • Optimize contractor prequalification with custom PQQ and remote and online inductions for comprehensive onboarding.
  • Choose Verature to take your safety and compliance management to the next level.

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What is the ROI of Verature?

  • Prevent mishaps & costly mistakes with pre-visit vetting and safety inductions helping to safeguard your organisation.
  • Maximised productivity & greater focus on safety via a more efficient qualifying procedure.
  • Improve compliance via standardised procedures and enforced protocols, and avoid non-compliance penalties.
  • Efficient resource utilisation: focus internal resource with reminders and allocate and choose external resource based on historical notes.
  • Strategic planning & continuous improvements for long-term ROI
  • Employee Satisfaction & Retention with a less-burdensome, time-intensive process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Contractor Software

Some FAQ’s to help you evaluate.

Verature use for Exhibition Stands at Events ☺Easy to add companies and people to the system and easy to find them to view their docuements. ☹The expiration of links sent to companies and people to upload documents is sooo short.
Ellena T.
Verature review We are more streamlined now due to being able to send out inductions and requires before there arrival ☺Ease of use when inducting with the table allow more portability ☹There isn't a dedicated back button. after you have viewed a persons details you go back it looses the filters you had applied
James G.
security review great product which gives the team the adequate data that we need to keep our site safe ☺easy interface easy to find contractors and review who should or shouldn't be on site ☹i dont find it difficult at all to use and manage , no issues from me or the team
Daniel H.
Induction Control ☺Very easy to use, once I had received the necessary training on how to complete what was expected ☹As yet I have not had an issue with the software
Hayden L.
Verature ☺Verature is relatively user friendly and intuitive ☹The software runs quite slowly and often needs manual refreshing
Lee J.
Verature ☺An easy way to book visitors to site, once someone is in the system the auto populate function makes life easy for returning visitors ☹Took me a little while to learn my way round, not as obvious say as Office products but easy once you know how.
Colin C.
Gatehouse Management great loved the software since its introduction ☺The system / software is : User friendly The system / software is :Quick The system / software is :Over views The system / software is :Auditing ☹I cant think of any issues to be negative on the software or dashboard its all really good.
Stephen P.
Intuitive software, customer focussed provider Positive overall. The solution has taken a long time to develop to meet our needs, but it is a good solution and I am confident that Target will continue to support any future requirements ☺It is well designed so inituitive and easy to use. ☹Time it has taken to implement some elements of it
Bernice G.
Verature Good overall ☺Easy to use and fairly simple. Used at most sites. ☹Quite detailed, a bit glitchy. Need to eliminate need for email
James T.

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