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Everything You Need to Know: Verature Versus Evotix

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Verature and Evotix Assure Solution are both cloud-based technologies that can assist you in digitising your contractor management process. Evotix’s solution covers a wide range of topics, including incident management, risk assessments, occupational health, and job management. It’s a terrific option if you need a full-scale solution and change throughout, but it’s not so great if you only need a tiny piece. Verature, on the other hand, does not aim to be everything to everyone. It provides comprehensive contractor administration, making continuing contractor compliance easier. With packages, add-ons, and customization to make the system is uniquely yours and exactly what you require.

But, which digital solutions are the best for your business? Let’s take a closer look together. 

Verature Vs Evotix: Pricing 

Now we know this is the question on most people’s minds, how much do they both cost? Evotix has a beginning price tag of roughly $20K each year, which is a significant investment regardless of the size of your organisation. Verature’s packages, on the other hand, start at £6K for a contractor database with the onboarding process and document management with automated reminders to the contractor, and £12K to cover the entire scope of contractor management from job management, worker competencies and inductions, to managing access and check-ins with on-site reporting and door pass issue. But, what do you get for your money? 

Verature Vs Evotix: Users and Scalability

While Verature comes with Unlimited Users and User types, Evotix’ solutions cap the number of management users permitted. Verature does not scale the cost of the solution based on the size of your organisation; while if your organisation has over 500 employees Evotix scales the cost. Verature bases pricing on access to functionality only.

Verature Vs Evotix: Buying Process 

Evotix hails itself as the bringer of change and its consultants will help you achieve full-scale digital transformation in your EHS systems. But, you won’t find a pricing breakdown available on the website to pick the right package for yourself. Unlike Verature’s onboarding kit. Evotix also starts the process with a discovery/introductory call (or two) before you’ll even get to see what the solution looks like.

Here at Verature, we like to take a more informal approach and pride ourselves on not doing high-pressure sales. All our pricing is transparent and available on our website and for download, and you’ll be shown the inside of the demo and given a walkthrough from the very first call. Even if it’s just the opportunity for you to rule the solution in or out or your project isn’t a live opportunity. Not only that, but we will give you access to our demo system after your first call, so you can explore at your leisure without the pressure of making an on-the-spot decision. 

Verature recognises that deciding on a new system is difficult, which is why we developed our Onboarding Kit to simplify the process. This way, you’ll know that no matter which bundle you choose, you’ll have the greatest features for you and your team to ensure continued contractor compliance. You’ll also be able to see and select your customization options, as well as look over the various add-ons and extras, to ensure that the system is exactly what you want and need.

If you want to learn more about our buying process and how Verature can help you to automate your contractor management, read our previous article.

Verature Vs Evotix: Clients   

Both contractor management solutions work with big clients across multiple sectors. 

For example, Evotix works with clients such as Network Rail, Greencore, GSK and New Balance. All of which are clearly stated on their website. However, what they fail to provide is feedback from their clients and the services that have been provided. 

Verature on the other hand, work with clients such as the Natural History Museum, Goodwood Events, Coca Cola Euro Pacific Partners and the NHS Solent NHS Trust. All of our client’s case studies can be located on our website, where feedback and how Verature has worked with our clients to help them improve their digital contractor management solutions can be found. 

Which Should You Choose? 

If you’re not looking for everything but you want a comprehensive contractor management solution, that is affordable and scalable choose Verature. Our objective is to assist teams in ensuring that contractors arrive safely, operate safely, and stay safe. Our vision is to organise company information in the most straightforward and relevant way possible.

Verature is a simple, user-friendly solution that ensures contractors arrive safely, operate safely, and stay safe across your many sites. With our digital solutions, we can help you manage contractor compliance effectively, improve organisational safety, and reduce total risk.

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