Everything You Need to Know: Verature Versus SkyVisitor

Everything You Need to Know: Verature Versus SkyVisitor

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Both Verature and SkyVisitor are cloud-based technology tools that can help you digitise your contractor management process. But what distinguishes them, and which is best for your business?

SkyVisitor was originally designed as a visitor management system with a contractor management feature (the SafeWorks module). As a result, some of the complexities of contractor management and good health and safety are overlooked because the emphasis is on the ‘visit’—for example, RAMS can only be submitted per guest rather than on behalf of a company on a project or job basis. Verature, while supporting standard visitor management, was designed in collaboration with engineering, facility and estates, security, and H&S specialists to provide comprehensive and effective contractor management.

So, let’s take a more in-depth look at what both systems have to offer your business.

What Do Verature and SkyVisitor Have to Offer? 

While SkyVisitor integrates with Access systems, this is due to the product’s emphasis on the physical visit, which suits clients with a single or few limited access points, as opposed to open sites with multiple locations, or clients wishing to manage contractors across multiple sites, or non-fixed ad hoc client sites. SkyVisitor relies on a stationary kiosk terminal to coordinate visits and inductions on-site.

Verature, on the other hand, isn’t reliant on sites; it’s about managing the project or task wherever it is, and as such, it can track visits across several locations utilising QR codes for Self-Service mobile Check-In or Check-In via an External portal. While SkyVisitor would be inducted at a physical kiosk, Verature allows contractors to pre-induct themselves ahead of time on any mobile device and must pass a scored multiple-choice assessment as well as submit a digital signature/acceptance of site rules.

Verature also handles pre-vetting of contractor companies and provides online health and safety onboarding questionnaires that are refreshed annually, allowing internal users to approve/reject (auto-request further information)/refer questions to help build and maintain an ‘approved contractor’ list. SkyVisitor can request insurance from a company based on a scheduled visit, and the questionnaire would be a document upload only, which is a little step up from email correspondence. Again, Verature is more concerned with pre-vetting and pre-planning than SkyVisitor is with the visit itself.

What are the Benefits of Verature? 

The advantages of Verature’s approach are that you can avoid expensive and unreliable hardware, as well as long lines at kiosk points while visitors go through their induction, and you can be confident that the majority of your contractors are pre-inducted and ready to work before they even arrive at any of your locations to work.

In addition to the foregoing, SkyVisitor emphasises the printing of paper badges, whereas Verature now offers digital badges that function as a passport that the contractor can display when challenged to prove his qualifications and any granted permits he is operating under. Verature is the more eco-friendly and adaptable method.

Verature Vs SkyVisitor: Pricing 

You can’t find SkyVisitor pricing, unlike Verature which is transparent. Verature’s packages begin at £6K for a contractor database with the onboarding process and document management, as well as automated reminders to the contractor, and go up to £12K for the full scope of contractor management, including job management, worker competencies and inductions, as well as managing access and check-ins with on-site reporting and door pass issue.

Verature Vs SkyVisitor: Clients

Both have a variety of clients but SkyVisitor isn’t available on the public sector procurement framework, G-cloud 13. In contrast, Verature works with clients such as the Natural History Museum, Goodwood Events, Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners and the NHS Solent NHS Trust. All of our client’s case studies can be located on our website, where feedback and how Verature has worked with our clients to help them improve their digital contractor management solutions can be found. 

Here are some examples of SkyVisitor reviews, versus Verature’s to help you decide. 

Which Should You Choose? 

Both SkyVisitor and Verature can assist in tracking the issue and return of permits, passes, keys, and so on, but only Verature provides a fit-for-purpose custom-built (which can be a digital replication of your current paper permit system) electronic permit to work with workflow, tests, audit, and notifications, which can be digitally issued, completed, and sent or printed from the system. You can query, export, and audit the repository of issued permits by type, date, location, user, and permit status using electronic permits.

While SkyVisitor offers a plethora of features, add-ons, and modules for low rates, it is too good to be true. Verature excels at contractor management.

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