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90.49% of RAMS are approved more than 2 days in advance with Verature

Contractor Management and Health & Safety for Events, Venues, and Project Teams.

Automate your time consuming process, achieve 360 visibility and procedural compliance on projects across your events and venues.

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Working in outdated systems and struggling to keep track of contractors and their subcontractors across multiple projects and events?

100% of clients said that without Verature, managing contractors and workers would be less efficient.

Monitor contractors all in one place and guarantee compliance.

Enjoy an easy way to look at contractor compliance with real-time information, reports and clear digital dashboard. Simply manage and collect mandatory details of any type of worker in one automated, self-service Contractor Assurance Portal, whilst Verature’s built-in workflows and mandatory fields ensure your compliance regime is followed 100%.

Reduce staff needed at access points.

Let contractors & workers take your site safety induction and assessment, before arrival; Self-Service Check-In reduces bottlenecks while Digital Badges enable speedy compliance checks, doing away with expensive kiosk hardware and paper systems.

Safer and approved contractors, sub-contractors and workers.

A digital Health and Safety Questionnaire enables you to easily pre-qualify your contractors; automated alerts and reminders on expired documents help your key contractors stay qualified. Share contractor profiles, compliance data and reporting across multiple events or locations, see live “On-site Now” reporting and audit permits and jobs.

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Moving to a contractor management and compliance system…

Event teams face unique challenges when it comes to contractor compliance. Life is made harder relying on manual and spreadsheet-based systems to manage safety compliance across multiple projects and events, involving hundreds of contractors, sometimes thousands of workers. How can we help you solve that?

Using outdated and manual systems…

Using Verature’s streamlined automation for your projects and events…

They lack efficiency, control & security leaving you vulnerable to corruption & lost data. Data is secured behind login settings & user permissions, archived & retrievable.
Extreme susceptibility to human error. Standardised data input with alerts escalations processes removing the risk of human error.
Resistant to consolidation & merging. Brings information together easily to manage all your data in one central cloud-based system.
Unsuitable for agile business practices. Adaptability for your workflows & to meet changing requirements in contractor compliance.
Inadequate for managing scalability. Tiered packages & optional extras to meet your needs as you grow.
Lacking visuals which reduces your ability to easily review data & make quick decisions. Digital data dashboards provide simple yet effective visuals of your data that you can easily review & analyse.
Reduced capability for sharing internally, preventing you from working collaboratively across multiple projects and events. Contractor Assurance Portal & multi-user access allows you to store & share data, enabling collaborative working.
Lacks the ability to troubleshoot, test or handle advanced workflows. Configured & built-in workflows, mandatory fields & approvals ensures your compliance regime is followed 100% of the time.
Repetitive manual contractor qualification process, taking up valuable time and man power. The automated online induction & assessment process plus Self-Service Mobile Check-In enables an easy & simple check in/out system that requires minimal input from internal teams..
Non-existent or limited visibility across projects. Data is always complete & traceable with data trails throughout the system which provides you with important visibility & audit-ability.

Events Recommended Package

Our Pro Package for Events delivers contractor and worker management, unlimited projects & multi-site reporting for 360 Contractor compliance across your events and venues

  • Enhanced Company Branding: Logo, Custom Login Homepage, and Company Colours
  • Configurable User Permissions & Groups
  • Contractor Database
  • Contractor & Individual Worker Record and Profile
  • External Contractor Self-Service Portal
  • Document Requests and Storage
  • Health and Safety Questionnaire
  • Digital Dashboards and Reporting
  • Automated Renewal Reminder Alerts to Contractor
  • Induction Dashboard – see the status of all contractor inductions
  • Projects/Jobs Creation and Specific Requirement Setting
  • RAMS Approval & Built-in Credential Workflows
  • Individual Project/Job Dashboarding
  • Live Project Dashboard & Project Search
  • Share Induction Material Pre-Arrival & Prequalifying Induction Assessment
  • Banned Contractor Management
  • “On-site Now”, Visit Reporting & Live Site Fire Register
  • Alerts and Escalations Automation
  • Permits and Passes Tracking and Reporting
  • Share unique site rules per Project/Event
  • Self-Service Mobile Check-In
  • SMS Alerts* on Arrivals (*5,000 per year included)
  • Up to 10 Multi-site Access with standardized compliance and a centralised team managing Jobs
  • Sub-Contractor and Worker Management
  • Digital Badge
  • Staff Database/ House Contractors
  • Azure AD Single Sign-on
£1,499 per month
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Recommended Extras & Customisations

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  • Visitor Management for safety across all visit types
  • Share unique set of site rules per project
  • Permit mapping to identify high risk clashes
  • ARM – Automated Requirements Manager
  • Authorisation to work in Special Areas
  • Multiple induction type dependent upon type of event or location

When spreadsheets and email chasing no longer cut it, Verature is here to safeguard your reputation and ensure your contractors work compliantly.

Verature’s cloud-based system provides project managers and event teams with full visibility, live information and peace of mind knowing all stages of contractor management is covered.

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Verature helps to keep Goodwood’s Festival of Speed safe by enforcing their contractor competency matrix via the Automated Requirements Manager, and providing live reporting and alerts regarding contractors’ approval to work status.

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Helping to maintain contractor compliance with remote induction & assessment, advanced sharing of event rules and Digital Badges; Verature has been developed with your event in mind.

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“The Verature system is enabling us to work collaboratively with our contractors and ensure compliance standards. The workflows are excellent and the system itself is self-explanatory; it is working exactly how we envisaged, and we can’t wait to roll it out around the Estate.”

Di Hudson, Group Head of IT, Goodwood Group Read full case study

“We decided we wanted a phased implementation approach, starting with our Motorsports Events team. Through working initially with the development team and their consultancy services and then with their Technical Director, we were able to analyse and map the event process with our Event Managers to ensure everything we need could be configured into the system. The phased approach enables us to spread the amount of change in the event operations department as well as enable us to work with the system before we develop it further – with the help of the Verature team – and eventually roll the system out to the rest of the Estate.”

Di Hudson, Group Head of IT, Goodwood Group Read full case study

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