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Health and Safety Management for Universities and the Education Sector

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When it comes to health and safety management and contractor compliance, universities and the education sector face unique challenges. Often, it appears that single teams manage contractors across multiple campuses and sites, as well as labs and nurseries. To operate in these highly controlled environments, contractors must obtain multiple permit approvals.

Universities that still use spreadsheets and paper sign-in books may encounter difficulties if they receive a report of a contractor misbehaving in a location other than the one in which they are located, requiring the team to ring around or physically move across multiple receptions to locate the contractor. So, how do you solve this problem?

Allowing your team to easily confirm which company and contractor were working at that time/day and which location they were operating in via ‘On Site Now’ reports via an easy-to-use system, is a great place to start when trying to resolve this problem. Verature has worked with universities such as The University of York, Strathclyde, and Falmouth Exeter to create a contractor management system that allows them to provide health and safety management for the education sector. We help to keep their universities safe at all times by implementing electronic work permits, permit mapping, and onsite visibility across sprawling sites.

Verature is the best system for your university’s continuous contractor compliance, and here’s the evidence to prove it. 

Helping to Maintain Health and Safety Contractor Compliance 

Are you having trouble keeping track of your key contractors and meeting their health and safety requirements? With efficient and continuous contractor assurance, you can eliminate the chase and maintain compliance.

We all know that a lot can happen in a single day. If you don’t have control over who comes on-site, or if you do but can’t quickly find evidence and audit. A cloud-based system can help with that, ensuring you stay compliant 24/7 all year round and business can run smoothly. With remote induction and assessment, including an induction dashboard, our system can help to maintain contractor compliance.

 As a result, single teams are not under pressure to induct contractors in person across multiple locations, and your team has constant visibility of induction status through an easy-to-read dashboard view of all passed, failed, expired, and valid inductions. Verature makes compliance simple by automating the process of contractors responding to your health and safety requirements.

Environmentally Friendly Digital Badges

Are you drowning in paperwork and struggling with spreadsheets? Work smarter, not harder, with streamlined automation to ensure nothing is overlooked. For example, Verature created environmentally friendly digital badges in collaboration with the University of York. 

This system enabled the university to do away with paper badges and costly hardware. Making it easier for remote or distributed teams to check in contractors from anywhere across multiple sites, as well as providing an eco-friendly audit trail. As a result, faculty members can easily conduct background checks on contractors by scanning the digital badge’s QR code with their mobile device to retrieve the necessary information. Because of our digital badges, the university is now saving money while also helping to save the planet.

Permit Mapping 

Frustrated with running from one reception to another but need to manage contractor compliance across multiple locations? With Verature’s remote and self-service tools, you can be in more than one place at the same time.

Our permit mapping system allows you to see where live permits have been issued across your site and locations in real-time on your site map or via Google Maps. No matter where you are on campus or at your satellite sites, you can always keep an eye on where high-risk projects are taking place so you can more easily decide where you’re needed to perform audits and spot potential clashes.

Red and Yellow Cards

With a built-in red and yellow card system, you can manage contractor companies and individuals, record and action non-compliance and misconduct. You can also specify how many yellow cards a user receives before being ‘out’ / banned from the site, as well as how long a ban lasts. Providing you with the ability to keep your campus safe at all times.

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